51st Medical Batallion – List of Officers

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Face of Peace & War. A Doctor’s Story of Bataan Days & Before (1936-1042), Martin Gaerlan, 2016.

Are you related to any of the officers of the 51st Medical Batallion led by Major Ricardo L. Madamba, MC, from Ilocos Sur? Please download list and contact mrgaerlan2004@yahoo.com for any corrections or updated information.


Designation Names Rank Notes
51st Bn (Medical) Ricardo L. Madamba Major MC Killed in Action. From Dingras, Ilocos Norte*,  U.P. Class of 1925
Executive Officer Antonio Billen

(Jose Bellen?)

Capt. MC Jose Belen from Tabaco, Albay*  demobilized (there is an Antonio Bellen, UST Class of 1934, from Bacacay, Albay)
S-1 Ramon G. Figueroa Capt MC Phil. Air Force, UST Class of 1932
Adjutant Ramon Macasaet 1st Lt. MC Killed in Action (UST Class of ???)
S-3 (Div Dental Surg Gutierrez Capt. DC Killed in Action
S-4 Artemio C. Arciaga Capt. MC Demobilized (UST Class of 1938)
Hq & Hq Co. CO Artemio C. Arciaga Capt MC
Hq & Hq Serv Co JO Justo Francisco 1st Lt. MC Demobilized
CO, Co “A” Collecting Santiago B. Panganiban Capt MC UST Class of 1938
2nd in command
Leader, 1st Platoon Felix S. Macalino 1st Lt MC Demobilized, From Macabebe, Pampanga*
Leader, 2nd Platoon Mariano A. Clemente 1st Lt. MC Killed by Japs, From Mauban, Quezon* UST Class of 1932
Leader, 3rd Platoon Pedro F. Soliman 1st Lt. MC UST Class of 1934
CO, Co. “B” Collecting Mario D. Lim Capt MC Demobilized, U.P. Class of 1938
2nd in command
Leader, 1st Platoon Jose Lopez 1st Lt. MC Demobilized
Leader, 2nd Platoon Vicente Santa Maria 1st Lt. MC Demobilized  UST Class of 1937
Leader, 3rd Platoon
CO, Co. “C” Collecting Mariano Tañada Capt MC Demobilized, U.P. Class of 1930
Leader, 1st Platoon Brigido G. Carandang 1st Lt. MC Tanauan, Batangas, UST Class of 1937, killed by Japanese
Leader, 2nd Platoon Jose Sevidal 1st Lt. MC Demobilized
Leader, 3rd Platoon
CO, Co “Clearing” Antonio Billen Capt MC Demobilized
Leader, 1st Platoon Ramon Figueroa Capt MC Philippine Air Force, UST Class of 1932
Leader, 2nd Platoon Crisostomo Arjene 1st Lt. MC Demobilized
Leader, 3rd Platoon Rizal R. Rualo 1st Lt. MC MPC – Mindanao, UST Class of 1937
Cezar T. Villegas 1st Lt. MC Demobilized, UST Class of 1934
Jose Fernandez 1st Lt. MC Malaria Control Dept. UP Class of 1920 (?)
51st Medical Company
2nd in command Pio Villaraza 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied, U.P. Class of 1934
1st Platoon Leader Alfredo Dansico 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
2nd Platoon Leader Buenaventura Umalis 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied UST Class of
3rd Platoon Leader ??
52nd Medical Company
CO Jose V. Ramoso 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
1st Platoon Leader Florentino Villanueva 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
2nd Platoon Leader Eduardo Naval 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
3rd Platoon Leader Zoilo Bunyi 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
53rd Medical Company
CO Segundino de Jesus 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
1st Platoon Leader DOMINGO 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
2nd Platoon Leader SIGUENZA 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied
3rd Platoon Leader Jose T. Viaje 1st Lt. MC Demobilizied UST Class of 1932
Isaac G. Austria 1st Lt. MC PA Gen. Hospital UST 1937
Salvador Encinas 1st Lt. DC Demobilizied

Source: Historical Date, 51st Division (PA), Box 1479, Entry 1113, Philippine Archive Collection, Record Group 407, National Archives, College Park, MD Note: *Additional notes from GLR Memoir and author’s research on medical degrees.

Download as PDF  – 51st Medical Batallion

Crucified Christ, Most Holy Trinity Church, Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, June 8, 2017

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Crucified Christ BalicBalic Sampaloc June 11 2017

Photograph: Martin Gaerlan 2017


Trinity Sunday, June 11, 2017

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The original Holy Trinity Patronal Image (circa 1928-1930), Holy Trinity Church Altar, Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila, June 11, 2017 (photo: Martin Gaerlan). Note: The Crucified Christ unveiled Easter Sunday 2017.

holy trinity balicbalic sampaloc june 11 2017

Unang Sulyap: 2017 Altar, Most Holy Trinity Church, Balic-balic

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April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday.  As the parishioners of the Most Holy Trinity Parish, Balic-balic, Sampaloc, entered their church to celebrate Easter Sunday, they gazed in amazement at the unveiled new altar almost 5 years in the making.

Before and after mass, many of the parishioners, old and young, raised their phones for the selfie/groupie moment with the newly renovated altar as the backdrop. Sophie Pamintuan, 7 years old, liked the new altar as it seemed to her “bigger and better” than the old one. Indeed, by opening the old left and right side altar, the architects achieved an overall sense of increased sacred space.

The dominant shade of white made the altar space brighter and lighter which added to the sense of vastness of the sacred space. Even the altar windows were replaced with non-colored glass.  We are not sure if all the white space will remain white  (original design intent) or if it simply meant the parish lacked funds to complete the architect’s vision.

Nevertheless, intentional or not, the “minimalist” white sacred space provided the perfect background to highlight the dynamic colors of the image of the patronal saint placed at the altar’s center  (unlike the original architect’s plan to place the image at the farthest lower left most side of the altar), a new crucified Christ (artist unknown), and the original tabernacle.

Word is that the altar’s blessing will be celebrated on Trinity Sunday this coming June 11, 2017.

unang sulyap

Memoirs of Carmen & Cayan

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Carmen F. Godinez holding a copy  Carmen & I – Life under Japanese Occupation in WWII (left photo, circa October 2016).  Mr Anthony Wooden, Mayor of Kayan/Tadian Mountain Province (right photo, circa October 2016) holding a copy of the book Cayan – My Memories together with Carmen F. Godinez (daughter of the author of the memoirs) and Maria Lourdes F Godinez (translator of the memoirs). Mr. Wooden was happy to note that the book contained many historical details about his municipality.  Copies of both books available at La Solidaridad Bookshop (531 Padre Faura St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila; telephone: 254 1068.