“Silly” DEUS or DU30?

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President Duterte Silly Trinity

The Philippine Sunday Inquirer December 30, 2018 edition’s front page carried the heading “Rody: Belief in Holy Trinity ‘Silly’.

Apparently, President DU30 turned philosopher king summarized the essence of the Christian God as being “only one God…. God the Father.” In addition,  he faulted the Christians for dividing this one God (God the Father) into three (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit).

If the PDI’s story is accurate, then those who believe in the Holy Trinity should welcome DU30’s pontification about the Mysterium Trinitatis, no matter how “silly” his own understanding of God as One (the Father) only.

Many of the Saints and Doctors of the Catholic church struggled through the centuries trying to fathom the mysterious depths of the “silliness” of this God As One and Three, or of These Three Are One. In the end, maybe we need to approach the Holy Trinity with a silliness borne out of a deep faith knowing our mind’s limitation when it comes to understanding the Christian God. A silliness without DU30’s insults. After all, even if his philosophical jokes are statements which appear as an assault to the fundamental Christian doctrines and mysteries (The Triune God, Heaven and Hell, the sacraments, etc.), one can still accept such transgressions as that of a human being struggling with his own humanity and mortality, his own religious beliefs, …..his own god. We pray he find his peace with his god. Not just for the sake of his soul, but also for the nation’s soul.




Santatlo: Holy Trinity Devotion in the Philippines (1521-2021)

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Proposed Book Project  in Celebration of the Filipinas Quincentenario (1521-2021)

 Working Title: Santatlo: Trinitarian Devotion in the Philippines

Author: Martin Gaerlan (mrgaerlan2004@yahoo.com)


Santatlo: The Holy Trinity Devotion in the Philippines presents a historical survey of Trinitarian textual and visual devotion in the Philippines from the Spanish colonial period to the present with emphasis on chapels, churches, parishes, whose patron saint is the Holy Trinity.

Sample Topics:

  • Patronal Images of Trinitarian Parishes, Churches, and Religious Congregations
  • Trinity Devotional Prayers from Spanish Colonial Period to Present
  • Forbidden Devotion: The Dead Trinity of Camarines Sur


Book, soft-bound, 8×10, black & white


Research – 2018-2019

Manuscript – 2019-2020

Publication – 2021


 If interested to know more, or get involved, in the project, please contact the author:

  1. Research Contributor – help conduct or write research article or paper, share text or images of Philippine Trinitarian devotion, or contribute financial support
  2. Parish Informant – represent your parish/church/congregation, submit photographs and share sample parish novena and prayers.


2018-2019 Directory of Trinitarian Churches in the Philippines

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The 2018-2019 Catholic Directory of the Philippines lists a total of 23 Trinitarian churches and parishes in the Philippines.

1. Holy Trinity, Village East Ave., Village East Executive Homes, Barangay Sto. Domingo, Cainta 1900 Rizal,
2. Holy Trinity Parish, Bato, 4435 Camarines Sur
3. Blessed Trinity Parish, Baco, 5201 Oriental Mindoro,
4. Holy Trinity Parish, Sabang, Calbayog City, 6700 Samar,
5. Most Holy Trinity Parish, Pilar, 5804 Capiz
6. Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Gahonon, Daet, 4600 Camarines Norte,
7. The Holy Trinity San Nicholas, Bayanan, 4102 Bacoor
8. Most Holy Trinity Parish, Ragay, 4410 Camarines Sur
9. Most Holy Trinity, Pallocan West, Batangas City
10. Santissima Trinida Parish, Santissima Trinidad, Malolos City 3000 Bulacan p. 200
11. Most Holy Trinity, Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila 1008
Santissima Trinidad Parish, 1127 Estrada St. cor. Dian Street, Malate 1004 Manila p. 214
12. Parish of the Holy Trinity, Pasig, Claveria, Masbate
13. Holy Trinity Parish, Geraldine, St. corner Candelia St. Don Jose Heights, Bry. Commonwealth, 1118 Quezon City
14. Holy Trinity Parish, Alangalang, 6517 Leyte
San Fernando Pampanga,
15. Blessed Trinity Parish, Pilar village, 2000 City of San Fernando,
San Pablo,
16. Holy Trinity Parish, Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna
17. Santisima Trinidad Parish, Placer Surigao del Norte
18. Most Holy Trinity Parish, Loay, 6303 Bohol
19. Most Holy Trinity Parish, Manga, Tagbilaran, City 6327 Bohol
20. Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Parish, Talibon, 6325 Bohol
21. Holy Trinity, Datag Parish, Caramoran,
22. Holy Trinity, Pasonanca 7000 Zamboanga City

The list excludes all other chapels, retreat houses, congregational houses, etc.


23.  Parish of the Blessed Trinity 
54 Santol Road, Purok 5, New Cabalan, 2200 Olongapo City


Walang Kape Sa Cordillera

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Walang Kape Sa Cordillera: Memories of Cordillera Coffee During the Spanish Colonial Period. As part of the celebration of the 53rd YHE (Young Hoteliers’ Exposition) Week: Dia de los Muertos (Nov 7-9, 2018), Martin Gaerlan will deliver an expanded lecture about the history of his ancestor’s stories as pioneering coffee planters in Lepanto (now part of the Cordillera Autonomous Region) during the Spanish colonial period. Venue: La Cuisine Theater, Angelo King International Center, Nov 9 (Friday) 1-2pm.

Gaerlan CSB YHE Nov 9 2018v5

Goodbye 27th, Hello 28th Annual Manila Studies Conference.

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Goodbye 27th Annual Manila Studies Conference (Sept 12-14 2018). Congratulations to Technological Institute of the Philippines for hosting this year’s conference. Thank you to Jose Rizal University (JRU) for offering to be the host for MSA’s 2019 Conference as part of JRU’s Centennial Foundation Anniversary Celebration (1919-2019). Photo shows Day 2 conference attendees which includes MSA’s President Emeritus Dr. Bernardita Reyes Churchill, (5th from left), and President Lorelei De Viana (6th from left).

27th MSA Conference