An Open Letter to a Priest Composer


A Busy Life!

It is quite unfortunate that our busy schedule prevented us from meeting face and to face so that I can share with you the history of our parish – perhaps we impose too much already on your time and talent with our request for a musical composition. I can understand your predicament – after all, my own busy work schedule has prevented me from devoting my full-time attention to updating the history of our parish. A journey that started way back in 1996 and here I am, almost ten years later, still pounding away at the computer keyboards and dusting cobwebs out of fading archival documents and memories of old-timers in our parish.


So in the silence of the night, and sometimes, even in the hassles of the day, my doubts appear – perhaps all this research is just a waste of time and effort. Perhaps delusions of historical grandeur blind us to the reality that our parish story is not worth writing, sharing, and celebrating. Perhaps we are not even worth a few musical notes. Perhaps, not even worth a blog.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 22, 2006.

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