1932: Naming The Parish

The parish of Balic-Balic completed the minor renovation of the “new” chapel in 1932 and during the blessing proclaimed as well the new name of the parish as Santisima Trinidad.

We can’t be certain why our parish patron was renamed from San Isidro Labrador to Santisima Trinidad. One must remember that prior to 1932, there was no other church or parish in Manila that was brave enough to have the Holy Trinity as their patron.

Now, what made a relatively poor community in the hills of Sampaloc think that they are worthy enough to have their parish named after the Most High and Almighty Trinity? How can an obscure place, at the outskirts of Manila, mostly crisscrossed by rice-fields and small creeks, become arrogant enough to think they deserve the name of the Trinity. Why not just stick to San Isidro Labrador, or why not choose from the thousand and one names of the venerated Virgin Mary or Mother of God. Some say it was in recognition of the dedication of Doña Trinidad in rehabilitating the old funerary chapel to become the nucleus of a growing community. Some say it was because Fr. Jose Pamintuan, the parish priest, gave honor to the place where he celebrated his first mass after his ordination – the Holy Trinity Church in Washington, D.C. Maybe both are true.

Two people brought together by circumstances of being associated with the divine name. Or was it the Trinitarian Spirit that invited the two?


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 23, 2006.

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