Banal na SanTatlo: Banal na SanTabi?

trinitysidealtar.jpgIn the end, we have to go to the beginning. For almost sixty years (1932-1992), the 1932 Trinity was the only Trinitarian icon at the main altar of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-balic, Sampaloc. Today, we have opened the iconographic doors and windows to not just one, but three Trinitarian images. Who knows, maybe somebody even more images will blossom.

Whatever happens, we will always be asked to explain why our historically first and original icon was placed at the side altar. Was moving the 1932 Trinity to the side altar really meant to strengthen the Trinitarian spirituality and devotion of our parishioners? Or maybe, just maybe, being placed on the side altar is a visual reminder of how the Trinity remains at the side, and not at the center, of our parish life.

Aptly, we may have turned our beloved “Banal na Santatlo” to a “Banal na IsangTabi”? As we near the 75th anniversary of our patronal feast, can we say that we our parishioners move as One Community in the Spirit of the Trinity?


If not, then our story has become an operatic tragedy of a Trinitarian dimension. Our passionate love and devotion dying amidst a pagentry of Trinitarian names and icons.



~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “Banal na SanTatlo: Banal na SanTabi?”

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