The 1992 Trinity Image


Where did the 1932 Trinity disappear into? By the fiesta celebration of 1992, the original Trinity image was transferred to the side left altar and a more modern interpretation of the Holy Trinity placed at the main altar. A resident of Balic-balic, Architect Ramon Orlina, with the guidance of Msgr. Manny Gabriel, designed the new Trinitarian patronal image represented by God the Father as the cross (The Father gives and receives the sacrifice), Christ as the resurrected One, and the Holy Spirit as rays of light.

Surprisingly, visitors coming from other Trinity churches in Manila wonder why the parishioners of Balic-balic have downgraded their beloved patron by placing the Trinity on the side and not the main altar.

They remained puzzled as to why we placed an image of the “resurrected Christ” in the main altar of a church dedicated to the fullness of the Trinity. Indeed, why?




~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 23, 2006.

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