Balic-Balic, Sampaloc: 1962 Population

During the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, Balic-balic, a barrio of Sampaloc, started to be transformed from a farm on the hills to a growing urban area at the outskirts of Manila. Except for a few fine houses, many of the houses in Balic-balic were made of nipa and bamboo, small creeks still crisscrossed the many unpaved roads and lots. Many oldtimers recall stories of picking guavas, or fishing for catfish, or even catching dragonflies and fireflies.


Note: Photo wooden fence of Ramos family at Calabash road and roof of nipa huts at the back. Waste baskets made of sawali are hung on the fence.

In the 1960’s, Balic-Balic was politically and geographically determined to comprise about 23.24% of Sampaloc with about 177.55 hectares (764 total Sampaloc) and Manila (3828). The 1965 population of Balic-Balic was placed at 70,331 and Sampaloc at 302,634. No. of families at 5,390 vs. Sampaloc 22,964 families.

Source: Manila: Its Needs and Resources: Office of the Mayor, Manila as quoted by Comdr. Marcelino S. Tabin, Fiesta for Unity and Community Development, MHTP Fiesta Souvenir Program, June 1, 1969


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 30, 2006.

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