Fiesta Souvenir Program: A Historian’s Dream & Nightmare


Note: The cover of the first ever Fiesta Souvenir Program of the Most Holy Trinity Parish showing a symbol of the Trinity used in the rose window of 1969 church.

There is a saying among historians that without documents there’s no history. The Most Holy Trinity Parish Fiesta souvenir programs published since 1962 have been valuable sources of information about major personalities and events in the parish. Of course, the fact that this practice only started in 1962 means that we have very few documentary sources available from the early years of 1932 (missing about 30 years worth of history). Even from 1962 to the present, some years are missing souvenir programs from the collection of the parish. Again, among the available souvenir programs, errors abound (mispelled names, etc.), or inconsistencies (dates or years). A parish museum, library, or archive, becomes enriched as her collection of documentary materials increases. We can only hope that parishes continue to document and preserve their living heritage.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 30, 2006.

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