In the Name of the Trinity

Lord, how often have we forgotten

that we have been baptized

in the name of the Blessed Trinity?                           

Lord, how often have forgotten

that we are called to be disciples of the Trinity?

The Father’s voice called and

yet we didn’t hear.                   

The Spirit hovered above and

yet we didn’t see.                 

The hand of the prophet touched us

and yet we  didn’t feel.

The water and fire of the Trinity surrounded us

and yet we lost our way.                                

We lost our blessing.

How can we make public our faith in you,

O Blessed Trinity?

How can we bring others to the river of life?

How can we bathe others with your cleansing light?

How can we immerse others in your sanctifying waters?

How can we ignite the fire of love over our heads?

How can we please you, O Blessed Trinity?

Lord grant us the grace to

make others your disciple in your name.
ow can we please you, O Blessed Trinity?


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 30, 2006.

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