Barrio Balic-Balic: Two Carabaos, A Table, And A Nipa Hut


Photo: Inventory of Goods Owned by Silvino Estanisloa of Barrio Balic-balic, 1879.

We can’t be certain when Barrio Balic-balic was established. However, the earliest document (so far) that has Balic-balic identified is an inventory of goods owned by Silvino Estanislao dated July 12, 1879 (Philippine National Archives). This document states the election of Silvino Estanislao as “cabesa” or head of barangay number 13 of Sampaloc (Sampaloc had a total of 37 barangays in 1856 and 46 in 1888). As required for town officials, an inventory of the goods owned by Mr. Estanislao was conducted. Don Silvino had two carabaos ($50.00), a wooden table ($2.00) and a house made of wood, nipa and bamboo ($150.00) located at Barrio Balic-Balic. Again, this is the earliest recorded reference to Barrio Balic-balic and is about eleven years before the first burial at the cemetery of Sampaloc at Balic-balic.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 3, 2006.

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