Fr. Jose Pamintuan: Back to Balic-Balic

It was August 5, 1924, when Fr. Jose Maria Pamintuan received a letter from Rev. Doctor Cesar M. Guerro of the Archdiocese of Manila instructing him to return to Manila due to dearth of priests. Even if he wanted to pursue further studies in Rome, he was forced to come back to the land of his birth.

Fr. Jose Maria Pamintuan, first parish priest of Balic-Balic (1925-32), was born December 6, 1896 in Angeles Pampanga. His parents were wealthy landlords, Florentino Pamintuan and Mancia Landico. He studied at the Ateneo de Manila from June 1905 to March 1914. A few years later, after moving from one college to another, entered St. Mary’s in February 7, 1918. He wanted to be ordained priest and serve in this new land of opportunity. However, an unexpected meeting with the Archibishop of Manila, during the latter’s visit to the seminary, paved the way for his return to serve his motherland.


He would graduate in 1923 with a degree in Philosophy from the Theological College in Washington. He was ordained May 26, 1923 at the Cathedral of the Assumption, Baltimore. He celebrated his first solemn high mass in the Holy Trinity Church of Washington on May 27th, 1923.
Upon his return to Manila, he was assigned to handle Sampaloc and Tagaytay. It was during this period that he became part of the history of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-balic. He continued to serve the parish of Sampaloc even during the difficult period of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Unfortunately, Fr. Jose died at a very young age of 49 years old when he met a traffic accident during the month of his birthday, December 1945 (specific date unknown). He will be remembered as the priest instrumental in renaming the patron of parish church of Balic-balic as the Most Holy Trinity considering that his first high mass as a priest was held at a church named after the Truine God.



~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 5, 2006.

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