The 1932 Trinity Novena

The original 1932 Holy Trinity image donated by Don Basilio J. Muriillo and executed by the famous Talleres Maximo Vicente shows a typical iconography of the Trinity with God the Son Jesus Christ seated on the right side of God the Father and God the Spirit as a dove on top. Silvina de Guzman, born in Balic-balic in 1919, mentions that her husband, Restituto Villanuena, a painter, helped or assisted in painting the image of the Santisima Trinidad.

trinitynovena1932.jpg A novena to the Holy Trinity published in 1932 by the University of Santo Tomas shows the Holy Trinity in almost the same manner as the sculptured image of the Trinity in the parish of Balic-balic. Was this novena used by artists of Talleres Maximo Vicente as their model for the Trinity?

A close examination of the two images show that the God the Son in the novena Trinity is holding the cross with his right hand while the Balic-balic Trinity has the Son holding the cross with his left hand (see photo below circa 1933 and above).

God the Father is also depicted differently. The novena Trinity shows God the Father with a scepter and globe on His left hand while the Balic-balic Trinity does not have any.
God the Spirit are both shown in a similar fashion as the dove with outstretched wings and located in between Father and Son.

We can conclude that both images are not identical or duplicates of each other. However, even with such differences, we can say iconographically that the 1932 novena and the 1932 Balic-balic Trinity are of the same symbolic type and that is God the Son seated on the right side of God the Father (both represented in human form) and God the Spirit represented as a dove.


Note: Photo shows 1932 Balic-balic Trinity

Finally, we do not know if the 1932 parishioners of Balic-balic used this same 1932 novena (written in Spanish) for their devotional prayers to the Trinity. It will only be in 1965 when the parish of Balic-balic will publish their own novena to the Trinity.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 8, 2006.

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  1. i want have a duplicated copy of latin novena of Trisagio Dela Santissima Trinidad.

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