Stairway to Heaven: Holy Trinity Faculty, 1954-1955


Image: HTA Elementary Faculty, 1954-55 (Photo courtesy of Lucina Ramos-Reyes Family).

The HTA Faculty roster for school-year 1954-1955 posing by the stairway going up to the parish convent (the classrooms are located below the convent). From bottom step: Isabel Ramos(1st step), Guadalupe Montanegro-Jubaira, Grade II (2nd step), Celia Silvestre (3rd step), Remedios Yumul, (4th step), Mrs. Marciana Madrazo, Grade I (5th step), Priscilla Bacani, Grade III (6th step).

The HTA Faculty for the PM (afternoon) classes (shown in photo below, starting from the bottom) were Ms. Aurora Marcia, Mrs. Beatriz A. Torres , Mrs. Prisca Limbo (Grade II), Mrs. Victoria Flores (Grade III), and Mr. Roberto Lozada (Grade VI).  montenegrohtafaculty.jpg
Image: HTA Faculty, 1954-55, Afternoon Session. Photo Courtesy of Guadalupe Montenegro Family.

Miss Isabel Ramos was appointed as the first school principal and she also taught grade one pupils at the Aurora A. Quezon Elementary in Galas, Quezon City. Miss Ramos is one of 15 children of Don Alfonso Ramos, first governor of the province of Tarlac. One of her nieces, Ma.Carmen Ramos Reyes-Gaerlan, graduated from Holy Trinity Academy Elementary Department in 1955 and also became one of the principals of the same department.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 11, 2006.

4 Responses to “Stairway to Heaven: Holy Trinity Faculty, 1954-1955”

  1. Mrs. Priscilla Tolosa-Bacani is my mother

    Thanks for this photo!

    Ramon T. Bacani

  2. Dear Ramon,

    Thank you for visiting the website and yes, we are glad that a family member of Mrs. Bacani has gotten in touch with us. You are more than welcome to share stories that your mother told you about her stay at the Holy Trinity Academy.

  3. Dear Curatormuseo,

    Thank you for your reply. My Mom just turned 86 last July 11 and she is now with my sister, Sister Maria Socorro,FMA at Don Bosco Sta. Mesa. I have some more picture to share during her days there at Holy Trinity Academy and also picture of her as a student at Legarda Elementary School in Sampaloc, Manila.

    Best regards!


  4. you can reach me at

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