The 2nd Trinidad in the Life of the Holy Trinity Parish

What is the statistical probability that two lay persons, both with the name of Trinidad (Trinity in Spanish), will get involved in the birth of Trinitarian devotion and education in Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila?

The first woman with the name of Trinidad associated with the growth of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-balic was no other than Dona Trinidad Legarda. She was instrumental in the re-opening of the funerary chapel in 1925 so that regular Sunday masses could be celebrated.

The second Trinidad, also a woman, Mrs. Trinidad Alfiler Domingo, became instrumental in planting the seeds of Catholic parochial elementary education in the parish. During the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Holy Trinity Academy (1946-1956), Mrs. Trinidad wrote in an article:

“Being a teacher, I could not help but feel sympathy for these unfortunates who were refused admittance in the public schools, thru no fault of theirs or the government neither.

The first floor of the parochial house was not being used at the time and I was thinking of its possibilities as a classroom. I nurtured the idea as early as Jan. 1946. Maybe the Holy Ghost helped me to gather the necessary courage to start the project. I was hoping it would be a splendid opportunity to bring the little forgotten kids closer to God. So, with the help of Miss Isabel Ramos, another seasoned teacher, and one of the foremost residents of Balic-balic, we broached the subject to Father Bernardo S. Torres, parish priest of the community.”

Image: Women Co-Founders of Holy Trinity Academy. Miss Isabel Ramos (left), Mrs. Trinidad Alfiler Domingo (right). Dr. Manuel Carmelo Ramos, brother of Isabel (seated). Photo courtesy of Lucina Ramos-Reyes Family.
Who was this second Trinidad in the life of Balic-balic who became instrumental in the growth of the Holy Trinity Academy parochial school of Balic-balic? Mrs. Trinidad was the second child of Mr. Adriano Alfiler and Felisa Monasterial. She finished her studies at Philippine Normal School and got married to Arsenia Domingo. Unfortunately, Trinidad’s husband died in 1942 and they had no child. Mrs. Trinidad had extensive teaching experience at the Pio del Pilar or Sta. Mesa Elementary School and at Mapa High School. She died June 13, 1961, on the feast day of St. Anthony, due to allergic reaction heart drugs.

What Trinitarian mystery indeed! Two lay women who lived up to the “Trinity” in their names by contributing to the growth of a parish church and school devoted to the Santisima Trinidad.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “The 2nd Trinidad in the Life of the Holy Trinity Parish”

  1. being a 1985 alumnus of holy trinity, i find this a pretty interesting part of the school’s history. i have never known about this until now when i found this blog here.

    brings back so many memories of the old school. šŸ™‚

  2. Dear Palma,

    Thank you for your kind comment

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