Look How Proud The Boys Are…!

Image: Detail of HTA Class of 1956-57. With their chests out are Luciano Te and Angelito Santos (2nd Row). First Row from left, Ernesto Gubatanga, Renato Asis, and Virgilio Villegas. (Lucina Ramos-Reyes Collection)

How proud can you get about your school? The photo above shows the boys under Mr. Lozada’s class (1956-57) standing proudly beside the Holy Trinity Academy Parochial School processional banner. The little school on the hills of Balic-balic has just celebrated its tenth year (1946-1956) but these boys look like they are celebrating the 100th year of their school.


Image: HTA Coat of Arms (1956). Courtesy of Lucina Ramos-Reyes Collection.

Interesting enough, the boys could be wearing the first school patch in the left pocket of their school shirt. Class photos from earlier school-years show the boys wearing white shirts only with no school patch. While the school banner shows the Trinitarian iconography similar to the patronal image of the Santisima Trinidad, the school patch shows a coat of arms with a symbol of the Trinity. The school coat of arms is a heraldic shield whose field is divided into three parts. The left part contains a symbol of the cross (Christ), the divine eye (God the Father) is on the right, and the dove (Holy Spirit) on the middle field. The school name, Holy Trinity Academy, and location, Balic-balic-Manila, surrounds the heraldic coat of arms.

Can the students of Holy Trinity Academy today match the proud stance of these young kids?


~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “Look How Proud The Boys Are…!”

  1. This is COOL! Are you Filipino? I am an Alumni of this school, a very PROUD ALUMNI. How did you get this pictures? GOOD JOB!

  2. Great picture. Mayroon din akong mga class pictures during the 70’s era. Remember ko iyung patch ng HTA.. memories…

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