The HTA Graduation Rites Circa 1950’s

The invitation programs for the early 1950’s graduation exercises of the Holy Trinity Academy provide an interesting glimpse into the activities and rites of that time.

The cover pages of the 1953, 1954, and 1955 graduation program invitation show that H.T.A. is also known as “Balic-balic Parochial School.” The graduation program was divided into two exercises namely, the Class Day Exercises and the Closing Exercises with the Class Day Exercises held a day before the Closing Exercises. The Class Day Exercises provided an opportunity for showcasing the literary and musical talents of the students.

Image:HTA Graduation Exercise Invitation (1954). Note the typeface used for the corporate name of the school. Courtesy of Carmen Reyes-Gaerlan Collection.

The program invitations from 1953 to 1955 show that Class Day started with the Entrance of the Graduates and then the Opening Remarks. In 1954, the opening remarks was delivered by Dolores Silva (Vice-President, HTA-PTA) and in 1955 by Marcelino S. Tabin (President, HTA-PTA).

After the customary opening remarks, the excitement grew fever pitch, probably among the parents as they watched their children performed in the program. Dancing clearly was the most popular type of presentation as can be concluded from the number of dances performed from 1953 to 1955.

Dance Numbers:

1. Dutch Couple Dance (Grade III, 1953)
2. Javanes Dance (Grade I, 1953)
3. Will You Come with Me Grade I, PM Class, 1953)
4. Bao Dance (Grade II, 1953)
5. Lawiswis Kawayan (Grade II, AM Class, 1954)
6. Pagtatahip Dance (Grade III, PM Class, 1954
7. Bahay Kubo (Grade I, AM Class, 1954)
8. Moro Dance (Grade IV, AM Class, 1954)
9. Scarf Dance (Grade II, PM Class, 1954)
10. Dance of the Lilies ((Grade I, PM Class, 1954)
11. Lubi-lubi Dance (Grade VI, PM Class, 1954)
12. La Jota Navarice (Grade V, PM Class, 1954)
13. Sampaguita Dance
14. Japanese Dance (Grade I & II, 1955)
15. Sailor’s Dance (Grade II, 1955)

Image: Lucita Zarate in Japanese Dance Costume (Courtesy of Guadalupe Montenegro Collection).


1. To Our Lady (Francia Sambajon)

2. Wonderful World (Remedios Reyes, Grade II, 1953)

3. Resignation (Avelina Lempin, Grade V, 1953)

4. Jesus Teach Me (Grade V Girls, 1953)

5. Others (Carmencita Gil, Grade II, 1954)

6. Parting Hours (Remedios R. Reyes, 1st honor, Grade IV, 1955)


1. Whispering Hope (Gr. IV girls, 1953)

2. Will You Come With Me (Grade I, PM Class, 1953)

3. Love Old Sweet Song (Intermediate Grades, 1953)


1. Class Prophecy (F. Refe, Salutatorian, Grade VI, 1953)

2. On Our Closing Day (Remedios Reyes, Grade III-PM, 1954)

3. Farewell Address (Agustin Tabin, Salutatorian, Grade VI, 1954)

4. Farewell Address (Pilar Cortes, Salutatorian, Grade VI, 1955)


1. Sa Pula, Sa Puti (Grade VI, 1955)

2. The Five Goals (Grade V & Grade VI, 1955)

After the various presentations and farewell speeches, there was an “Imparting the Key of Responsibility” where the valedictorian of the graduating Grade VI classes passed on to the top honor students of incoming graduating classes (Grade V) a symbolic key of responsibility. A “Presentation of the Donation” follows where the adviser of the graduating class presented the donation to the Fr. Director. The 1954 Class Day Exercise ended the day with the singing of the school’s alma mater song. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a copy of this 1950 alma mater song. Nevertheless, we can see how the whole school prepared to send off their graduating class with a celebration of talent during Class Day Exercises.


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