The Graduation Closing Exercises: circa 1950’s

The day after the literary and musical program (Class Day Exercise), the Holy Trinity Academy celebrated the Closing Exercise. The program invitation for the years 1953-1955 provide us an opportunity to peek at the events that transpired during those years.

The Closing Exercise was held at the Holy Trinity Parish Church and started at 4:30 in the afternoon. The typical program sequence were as follows:

I. Processional of the Graduates

II. Address: Rev. Fr. Bernardo Torres, Director of the School

III. Candle Light Ceremony

IV. Act of Thanksgiving for the Catholic Education

V. Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart

VI. Citation of Honors

VII. Distribution of Diplomas (for primary and intermediate)

VIII. Pledge of Loyalty

IX. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

X. Recessional of the Graduates

The school provided recognition for those who excelled academically and in particular gave special citations for best in Religion and Character.



1. Melanie Rivera (Valedictorian)

2. Felicitas Refe (Salutatorian)


1. Agustin Tabin (Salutatorian)

2. Salvacion Boado (Valedictorian)


1. Pilar Cortes (Valedictorian)

2. Isabelito Silva (Salutatorian)


1. Ariel Reyes (Primary, 1953)

2. Carmen Reyes (Primary, 1953)

3. Salvacion Sikat (Intermediate, 1953)

4. Nicanor Abaoag (Intermediate, 1953)

5. Carolina Vicencio (Primary, 1954)

6. Cecilia del Rosario (Intermediate, 1954)

7. Julieta Orzal (Intermediate, 1954)

8. Floredelinda Dino (Intermediate, 1954)

9. Remedios R. Reyes (Primary, 1955)

10. Jesus de Leon (Primary, 1955)

11. Pilar Cortes (Intermediate, 1955)

12. Carmen R. Reyes (Intermediate, 1955)

Image: HTA Religion Medal, 1955 (Collection of Carmen Reyes-Gaerlan)


1. Pilar Cortes (Primary, 1953)

2. Corazon Sanchez (Primary, 1953)

3. Romula Pascual (Intermediate, 1953)

4. Milagros Mendoza (Intermediate, 1953)

5. Ida Tiongco (Primary, 1954)

6. Corazon Flameno (Primary, 1954)

7. Julieta Orzal (Intermediate, 1954)

8. Elisa Castro (Intermediate, 1954)

9. Danilo Orzal (Primary, 1955)

10. Cesar Javier (Primary, 1955)

The 1953 Graduation Program listed down 8 names of students who studied at HTA from Grade One to Grade Six which means that these students entered HTA Grade One in the year 1947.
LOYALTY AWARD (1947-1953) – From Grade One to Grade Six
1. Marcosa Clemente

2. Anunciacion Santos

3. Nicanor Abaoag

4. Rogel Mercado

6. Alfredo Flores

7. Rogelio Vengco

8. Amando Silva

More importantly, there were two students who entered in the year 1946 and studied until Grade Six (1953) in HTA.

1. Melanie M. Rivera

2. Salvacion M. Sikat

LOYALTY AWARD (Kindergarten to Grade Six) – 1947-1954

1. Cenon Flores

2. Arturo Lagao

3. Miguel Maliksi

4. Danilo Medina

5. Francisco Murillo

6. Salvacion Boado

7. Avelina Ignacio

8. Soledad Ramos

LOYALTY AWARD (Grade One to Grade Six) – 1948-1954
1. Josefina Aquino

2. Flordelinda Dino

3. Julieta Orzal

LOYALTY AWARD (Kindergarten to Grade Six) 1948-1955

1. Isabelito Silva

2. Carmen Reyes

3. Pilar Cortes

4. Estrellita Tabin

LOYALTY AWARD (Grade one to Grade Six) 1949-1955

1. Estrellita Asis

2. Ester Amita

3. Lourdes Mendoza

4. Rufina Maglipon

5. Angel Laddaran, Jr.

6. Julieta Lagao

7. Carmelita Ocampo

8. David Santos, Jr.

9. Corazon Sanchez

10. Ponciana Valle

11. Jose Villegas

The 1953 program invitation leaves behind a message for the graduating class:

May this, your graduation day

Be like a GOLDEN KEY

That opens wide the gateway

To success, in days to be,

And may the brightest fulfillment

Of the things you’re planning, too,

Make every future day and year

A happy one for you.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 15, 2006.

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