Can You Spot the Difference?

A lot of things can happen in 75 years. A lot of things can get lost. The church bells donated by the Legarda family to the Holy Trinity Church of Balic-balic were stolen during the Second World War (probably sold off as scrap metal). Fortunately, the original 1932 Holy Trinity image of Balic-balic survived the devastation of the Second World War. The 1932 Holy Trinity image can be seen below after the 2006 Fiesta procession around Balic-balic.


Image: Holy Trinity of Balic-Balic, 2006.

Can you spot the difference of the image above with the Holy Trinity image below photographed in 1995?


Image: Holy Trinity image of Balic-balic, circa 1995

Well, there are two major differences. The 1995 photo shows Jesus Christ with a triangular halo which is missing in the 2006 photo. More importantly, the 1995 photo shows Jesus Christ holding a cross which has gone missing in the 2006 photo. Let us go back further into time and compare the 2006 and 1995 photo with the 1932 image (although not in color). Can you spot any difference?

Image:Holy Trinity of Balic-balic, circa 1930’s.

Well, only the most patient can discern that the 1932 image shows a different halo for Jesus Christ, not triangular, but more like three rays. In the 1932 image, the halo of God the Father, while also triangular, is slightly more above the head and solid. More importantly, the 1932 God the Father is holding a scepter in His right hand while both 1995 and 2006 does not anymore show the scepter.

In about 75 years, the 1932 Holy Trinity image has lost the original cross, halo, and scepter. Stolen? Or simply misplaced? We may never know. Are the missing items integral to the identity of the Holy Trinity? Are the missing items important enough for us to make the attempt to reconstruct the missing items? As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the patronal feast of the Most Holy Trinity parish, shall we not attempt to return the current image as close as possible to the original 1932 version which was donated by the Murillo family?


~ by Martin Gaerlan on September 5, 2006.

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