Benito F. Legarda y Roces of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila.

At the back of the Most Holy Trinity Church of Balic-balic, Sampaloc stands the vast Legarda estate which served as residence of Don Benito F. Legarda y Roces and Dona Trinidad Legarda since 1925.

Don Benito F. Legarda y Roces was born October 26, 1898 and passed away July 7, 1973. Don Benito graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Philippines in 1919 and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from the same university in 1921. He married Trinidad Fernandez in 1925 (their son, Benito J. Legarda Jr., wrote the book “The Hills of Sampaloc” in 2001). In 1932 (when the former funerary chapel of Balic-balic became officially the Santisima Trinidad church), Don Benito completed his studies as a lawyer from the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (where his father, also graduated with the same degree).

During Don Benito’s centenary (1898-1998), special masses were offered in his memory with him being described as a “chemist, lawyer, businessman, civic leader, plant lover, music patron, promoter of industrial and vehicular safety, army officer, war veteran, opponent of foreign and domestic tyranny, husband and father.” (Philippine Star, October 26, 1998, p. 29).

Together with his wife, Trinidad Legarda, parishioners of Santisima Trinidad parish will most remember the couple as instrumental in getting the permission for the funerary chapel of Balic-balic cemetery to be re-opened for masses to be celebrated. Furthermore, they played a major role in renovating the church during the first renovation (1932) and in the inauguration and blessing of the new church structure in October 26, 1969. The cutting of the ceremonial ribbons were done by Mrs. Trinidad Legarda and assisted by Mrs. Encarnacion Manalo and Mrs. Elvira Fabic.


Image: October 26, 1969, Blessing and Inauguration of the new Most Holy Trinity parish church. Don Benito F. Legarda y Roces (second from right, wearing white pants), with Mrs. Encarnacion Manalo (to the left side of Don Benito). Msgr. Bienvenido Lopez, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila (second from left of photo) is standing besides the mayor of the City of Manila, Antonio de Jesus Villegas. Photo courtesy of Atty. Irving Favic.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on September 27, 2006.

78 Responses to “Benito F. Legarda y Roces of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila.”

  1. WOW! cool…. I use to study at legarda elem school.

  2. yes, do visit the museo de santisima trinidad again and we might have a brief item regarding the history of Legarda Elementary School.

  3. I graduated from Legarda Elementary School in 1957. and we are going to have a golden reunion in March 3 2007. I would like to have a copy of the song “Hail our Benefactor” if you have a copy or if you could recommend how I will get a copy of the song.
    I also was a parishioner of the Santisima Trinidad church in BAlic-Balic.
    Do you also recall a public library in the area?
    I would appreciate it very much if you could give/share more information.
    Please reply to :
    thanks, rosa

    • I have a original black and white photo and hand signature of Benito Legarda in a old picture frame with a seal of two keys crossed with a skull above it with some writing and a date that looks like 1901 or 1907. Would anybody know how much this would be worth?

      • wow why would you sell that you can even donate that in our school its part of history I am just a 9 year old boy and i understand every thing you say and I am a accelerated kid that studies in legarda elementary school if you want to,im just requesting that you donate that in our school welle be so happy for that 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 =) =) =) =)

  4. I would like to find out the history of sampaloc. the stories behind the streetnames, how it evolved to what it is now.

    should there be more material, im all ears.

  5. Thank you for visiting our museo – not sure when, but we will have entries on the historitical background on some of the street names in Sampaloc.

  6. whos the real thing between Don benito T. Legarada and Benito F. Legarda y Roces

  7. I’am a Loyalty medalist of Holy Trinity Academy so as my brothers and my sister and my cousins. I graduated of batch78 Boys Dept. So, much history and good memories and fine teachers.
    I’m trying to locate some of teachers during my batch if you have any info I would really appreciate it!
    Thank you so very much for good information about my school and bali-balic.

    Yours Truly,
    Elmer D.Angeles U.S Army

  8. This is my email address

  9. yeah right! the main reason he got rich is he get all their fortunes from their ancestor and not share it to the other one thats why Legarda clan is separated in to two.

  10. thats my school!!!!!!!birthday nya today sept.26.

  11. im so happy because i learned many thinhs

  12. thanks to the people behind the foundation of legarda Elementary School. . . .

  13. Maraming multo jan legarda, kamukha ng proncipal ung iba. he he he he

  14. muwahh> . .. .

  15. wow my pang project na ko………………….

  16. hindi ko po nakilala si don studying in Legarda right now and this is my project to get the history of our school.Thanks I found it.

  17. hi..duh..Im Patricia Chris Alcantara.. i study at don benito’s school legarda elementary school since I was Gr. 1..i love my school and idolized it for being kind than at my present school.. I believed that there’s so many ghost in that school because we feel it at one room in the main is near at nurse office..!!because i was hunting it..!!i’d like to greet my teachers..!! hi ms. gerardo, !! hi 4 the principal mr.marcelo..!!good luck guyxzs..!~

  18. the history of the streets of sampaloc are hard to find its hard to study rizal course pls help me

  19. here are some –

  20. hi im a product of balic balic sampaloc manila, calle honradez ext. My father and my great grandfather was also from here, my father said that DON BENITO LEGARDA and my great grandpa are panieros way back then. My graet grandfathers name is DON VICENTE

  21. can i ask the history of thr name of the streets in balic balic?
    particularly honradez, firmeza, calabash, craig..



  24. GRADE 1….. MRS. ALBANO
    GRADE 4….. MS. BILOG
    GRADE 5….. MRS. LIM


  25. i am a graduate of Don Benito Legarda Elementary School, Manila..Grade 5, Section 5 under Mrs. Pacris 1968-1969 and Grade 6, Section 5 under Mrs. Haber 1969-1970…i’m looking for my classmates and here is the link of the site…

    Thanks for the space!

    Ramon T. Bacani

  26. I graduated from HTA Girl’s Dept Balic-Balic and I am desperately trying to locate my classmates from batch ’78 Auxilium Christianorum. Hopefully thru this site I will be able to make contact with at least one of you guys. I was a volunteer catechist to Legarda Elementary school from ’74-’78.

  27. ang ganda ng school ninyo

  28. hi im lea student me sa legarda elem. batch 1991 miss ko na skul ko. at mga teachers dyan. sobrang galing mga teacher dyan. kelan kya mg reunion ang batch 91.

  29. uy mga classmate ko nung batch 91 bestfrend ko c ryan pamintuan at michael uy….pls.. email nu ako i luv legarda elementary school

  30. my god i was there from 62 to 68….i lived two blocks away on san diego street.
    did not had a chance to see my old stomping ground after 40 years..when i was
    there. if anyone of you is my same batch year…drop me amesage…… agustin, Los Angeles, CA

  31. my god i was there from 62 to 68….i lived two blocks away on san diego street.
    did not had a chance to see my old stomping ground after 40 years..when i was
    there. if anyone of you is my same batch year…drop me a message…… agustin, Los Angeles, CA

    • ako rin was there 63-68 wow! then rmhs 69-72 I love sampaloc, mnl and then ust but i live qc . . . gil (though i used to live in Algeciras till 64). wish i can go back and re-live the happy moments. salamat legarda elem. at sa friend ko nun si bienvenida aseremo . . . tnx

  32. I graduated 1977 under Mrs. Capacete. Memorable yung grade 2 ko dyan kasi nagkatakutan sa cr ng girls kasi may multo daw. And of course yung pagiging member ko ng choire, and we sang in front of the japanese visitors the song “sakura” and we sang in front of a tv camera, guest kami ni Eddie Mercado. Ganun ka active ang legarda.

  33. i love this school!!
    i graduated 2008 under ms.Vera Cruz.
    tnx 4 my teachers!!
    now I’m studying at puplhs..

  34. My Mom graduated at Legarda Elementary School on 1950 – 1951. Her name is ANA SEÑIR AGUSTIN. Maybe your mom or dad is my mom’s classmate too.

  35. Im from batch 1986. Memorable ang stay ko dyan- we represented the school sa choral competition, nag overnight kami dyan as part of boys scout activity (then went ghost hunting), tatakas by climbing wall pag uwian na to “escape” the flag cermony (come to think of it, its like less than 5 minutes wait, pero we risked getting caught, makaunang makauwi lang). I missed that place. went there last week (holy Thursday), same facade pa din but the walls got higher (perhaps 15 feet high). also, the Aldana school in front of it is now a medium rise residential building..

    • Hi graduate din ako ng 86 ang pangalan ko Errol Carrillo ang teacher ko noon ay si cabontucan yung nagtitinda ng mani at kutsinta lol ang natatandaan kong classmates ay si Heidi palagi kong inaasar, Roger felimon , Rowena….nasa U.S. Ako ngayon since 1990…Kung meron man info ng batch 86 pls email me…ibang iba ang legarda ISA ako sa suki ni mrs Acop sa office nya at palagi akong hinahabol ni mang Rupo dahil palagi kaming tumatakas para mag laro sa Craig. Hinahanap ko Rin yung kakilala ko noon pa sa legarda si Ma.Christina Ruegas nakatira siya sa Metrica sayang palagi akong natotorpe pag palagi ko Syang nakikita.Plano Kung mag balikbayan sa 2016…thanks sa website na ito

  36. graduate ako nung 1980…under MRS.Maria Perez..naging teachers ko rin cna MR.COSTALES,MRS.BUSTOS,MS.CARREON,MS.ESTAVILLO.MRS.YUNZAL AT MRS.OLIVEROS…ngyon nasa Legarda na rin nag-sisipag-aral mga anak ko…proud to be a graduate of legarda!!!naalala ko rin ang Lopez jaena school at aldana school ..kaso nawala na yata?

  37. I was there from 1958 to 1964 (Section 1). It would be nice if I can connect with old classmates/teachers or anybody who were there at the same time I was there.

  38. I attended Legarda Elementary School just for one year. I was a fourth grader at that time SY 1975-76. My teachers were Ms. Navarro-English, Mrs. Agdepa (Adviser)- Social Studies, Mr. Castillo- Pilipino, the old lady who teach Science. Nakalimutan ko na panglan niya , I think Mrs. Cruz. I remember some of my classmates by their first name, like Dennis (tallest in our class) Cecil (mestiza with long hair) Perlito,Myra, Juvy (always blinks her eyes) Valentin Garcia (the villain, Lol!) Enrico Ramos-the quiet one and has skin asthma. I enjoy being there even just for one year. That’s time when they gave $10.00 to each student who participated in welcoming US President Gerald Ford’s in his visit to Manila. I missed those times when students will go to each rooms and asked for your order for your snacks break (recess), that’s the first time I heard and saw, misua soup. Also the same school year when they filmed the movie of Nora Aunor and Boyet de Leon in the school premises.

  39. hi i am kimberlyjoy cool hah dhil doon ako nag aaral ngayon mnsan masunint yong teacher but i learn more things.nxt year graduate sec amethyst sec 6 d 9

  40. THANK YOU SA MGA TEACHER KO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    AND THANK YOU TO ALL TEACHERS :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Hi! I’m Art from “Batch 79” I would like to greet all schoolmates (specially Section 3 and 1) and all my teachers during that year. Do we have any reunion?

  43. “Don Benito F. Legarda y Roces,Oshimai.”.

  44. i belong to class ’53 of legarda elementary school. i wish i can get in touch with my former classmates. i am sure we all have happy memories of our short stint in this great school. hope to hear from them. thanks and regards.

  45. wo0w0o0wo…….

  46. no po mission and vision ng LES.. kelangan ko na po tom.. sana may magpost.. tenx..

  47. Most of all..Thank U Legarda Elem School… i was there 1966 – 72, we are the Martial Law 1st graduate…Im Emmanuel Manimtim.i do still remember Mrs Haber my favorite Math teache, i remeber her advice to us ” study harder cause someday even a janitor would require a degree “. Thank you maam ! that inspired me to study til i graduated in college. I miss u Mrs Haber wherever u are I pray for you. And to Legarda Elem school, u are an institution,,, in behalf of my family, i am proud to be a Legarda Graduate. I salute u forever. THANK YOU>

  48. i graduated from this wonderful school in 1967.our principal then is Mrs Ocampo and our class adviser is Mrs Panopio.wish i could get in touch with my classmates.

  49. […] Benito F. Legarda y Roces of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila. September 2006 51 comments and 1 Like on, 4 […]

  50. I would like to know the history of the Most Holy Trinity Parish in Balic-Balic. can someone send me a copy? I really need it for my Theology requirement. Hope someone can help me. 😛 BIG THANKS!!!

    here’s my e-mail, hope you send it 🙂

  51. hello poh..legarda grad dn ako…c mrs.labugen ang teacher ko ng grade 6…batch 94 ako….may mga batch 94 pa kya dto?heheheheheh

  52. Ms. Alcuba
    Ms. De Mesa
    Mrs. Calilung
    Ms. Tamondong
    Mrs. Paras
    Mr. Mendel / Ms. Roxas

    p.s. Mam Alconis salamat! 🙂

    millenium batch (2000)

    salamat! Section 1! Section 1!

  53. Ms. Alcuba
    Ms. De Mesa
    Mrs. Calilung
    Ms. Tamondong
    Mrs. Paras
    Mr. Mendel / Ms. Roxas
    p.s. Mam Alconis salamat!
    millenium batch (2000)
    salamat! Section 1! Section 1!

  54. My name is Charito Samson. I graduated 1972, I was in Section 2-6 most of my primary years. I would like to get in touch with my former classmates. Also where can I find the dates for reunions?

  55. i graduated 95 1st batch accelerated class under ms vera cruz, gusto ko sana visit ulit legarda i wonder nasan na mga teachers ko dati..

    miss my old school, the best!

  56. wala lang,just miss my old school. wish i could visit the place one of this days.. san na po kaya si Mrs. Yunsal? …

  57. I went to Holy trinity Academy from kinder to Fifth Grade, then I went to Legarda Elementary school and graduated there (Sixth Grade) in 1959. My last name was Ebonia. If anyone remembers me, please write. I used to live on Timoteo Anzures St., right behind the church, so walking to HTA was so easy, just ran across the street. I also walked to Legarda Elem. Sch. and passed the Legarda Estate on my way. I would be nice to see the area all again. I left the area right after graduation in 1959 and have not been back since.

  58. If you graduated or batch 1986 pls reply to this message. My name is Errol Carrillo. I would love to chat with an old friends. It bring so much good memories. I remember when I used to jump those fence just to play at Craig st. and mang Rupo the security used to chase me down the street. He couldn’t catch me cause his on a heavy side…now I feel bad that I gave him so much trouble. I’m planning to go back to Philippines the year 2016. I’m hoping to reconnect with my old classmates and friends like Heidi,Johnny,Ma.Christina,Rowena and more…

    Thank you,
    Errol Carrillo

  59. I studied and graduated at Legarda Elem. School from 1972 to 1974. I was a transferee from a nearby primary school, Benigno Aldana Primary School. My teachers-advisers were Mrs. Bonifacio (grade 5) and Mrs. Capacete (grade 6) while the principal was Mr. Arturo Coronel. We have a lot of competent and dedicated teachers at that time, better than the private school then. Even my 7 older siblings studied and graduated in that great school. I have lots of good memories in that school. I used to live at calabash road until 1986. My name is Norman Perez – batch ’74. Thank you my teachers. Thank you my beloved school. Thank you God for the wonderful experience and memories.

    • I was also a graduate of Benito F. Legarda Elementary School in 1974. I also attended Benigno Aldana Primary School in 1972 (just across the street). I would like to get in touch with Norman R. Perez, if I may, to get in touch with former school mates who graduated in 1974.

  60. Incorrect PIN

  61. I’ve been cut off

  62. Another service?

  63. Please e-mail me the history of Legarda Elementary School including a copy of our Hymn, if possible an AVP with music. I graduated in 1975 and we plan to have our batch reunion. Thank you and God Bless! Mon santos

  64. I can’t stand football

  65. so proud too. graduate din ako sa Legarda sampaloc batch ko ay 1981 i wish mabasa din ng mga ka batch ko itoh sna magkaroon dn kami ng reunion kahit ba elementary lang.ang teacher adviser ko ay si mam Calida sa grade 6 at yung sa grade 5 po si mam aida po sa lahat ng mga teachers thank you and god bless po

  66. ako si marites gatmaitan naka graduate ng batch 1981 if any one who know me you can email me at thanks to all my teacher at Legarda Elementary sc. God bless pow salamat sa lahat ng mag natutunan namin po sa inyo

  67. meron po ba kayong complete history ng LEGARDA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? kailangan ko po para sa portfolio ko… i am a SPED Student Teacher from PNU in the SPED Department of LES… kindly email it to me at i really need it badly… please and thank you…

  68. may nakakaalam po ba ng LEGARDA MARCH….assignment lang

  69. good day,im also a graduate of legarda elem school 1976,pls email me or call me if your still have 30 to 50 sqm lot or house and lot for sale,im residing at craig st near ang gubat and aling ana is our old co neighbor your caretaker since year 70s they say, my mobile no is 09167041408,looking forward thanks so much..

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