1882 & 1905 Manila Typhoons

During Typhoon Milenyo’s late September 2006 fury, more than 49,000 families were housed at 440 evacuation centers. By the end of the typhoon, more than 117,000 houses were destroyed in at least seven regions including Manila. Milenyo’s reputation grew as one of the most destructive typhoons to hit Manila and surrounding regions.

A similar powerful typhoon hit Manila more than 101 years ago during almost the same period as typhoon Milenyo. An American newspaper dispatch dated September 26, 1905 reported 8,ooo persons left homeless. The most powerful typhoon to hit Manila prior to the 1905 storm occurred October 20, 1882, or 124 years ago, and it displaced around 60,000 families. A dispatch from Manila reported the city in ruins with wooden houses blown away and barracks, hospitals, factories and government offices destroyed. The illustration below shows a tiled house in Sampaloc destroyed during this October 20, 1882 typhoon.


House in Sampaloc, Manila destroyed during October 20, 1882 typhoon (click image to enlarge).


~ by Martin Gaerlan on October 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “1882 & 1905 Manila Typhoons”

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am very interested in the image you show above. We recently acquired a photo-album entitled: Ruinas después del Baguio; Manila 20 de Octobre 1882. This album contains 25 original photographs including the one above. Our image is captioned: “Casa de Dr. Gabiel Llamas, Calle de St. Anton.” Do you know the identity of the photographer? I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Dear Museo santisima trinidad,

    I am interested in getting copyright permission for the image here for a book to be published. Please get in touch,

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