Our Lady Of Loreto Church, Sampaloc, Manila


Image: Our Lady of Loreto Church (circa 1924).

Before the parish of Balic-balic was established in 1925, the residents of Balic-balic were under the spiritual care of the parish priest of Our Lady of Loreto Parish of Sampaloc, Manila.

The convent of Loreto in Sampaloc was founded in the year 1613 by the Franciscan Provincial, Fray Blas de la Madre de Dios, as an alternative to the residence of the Franciscan friars living in San Francisco del Monte.

The Maestre de Campo, Don Pedro de Chavez and his wife. Dona Ana de Vera, ceded the land in Sampaloc to the Franciscans and donated to the construction of the convent and the church. Soon after, the residents of Sampaloc requested the City of Manila to separate Sampaloc from the spiritual jurisdiction of Santa Ana de Sapa. Thus, in the year, 1616, the Parish church of Nuestra Senora de Loreto was dedicated and Fray Augustin de Tordesillas assigned as the first parish priest. The church was burned down during the Chinese uprising of 1639 but was rebuilt by Fr. Andres Puertollano. Fr. Francisco Catarina enlarged the church around 1660. Around 1880, a terrible earthquake rocked Manila and damaged the church and convento. Fr. Pedro de Alcantara Flores del Pozo initiated the renovation and Fr. Ramon Caviedas (builder of the Sampaloc cemetery in Balic-balic) completed the job. The last recorded Franciscan priest assigned to Sampaloc was Fr. Pedro Flores Alcantara (1898).


~ by Martin Gaerlan on November 23, 2006.

60 Responses to “Our Lady Of Loreto Church, Sampaloc, Manila”

  1. Hello,

    I am native of Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila. Grew up playing basketball, baseball, riding bicycle, fyling kite, table tennis, and other asctivities in the compound of Balic-Balic church. We’d lived in a little house right outside the church, by the Firmeza gate – 2036 Firmeza specifically. My mother used to garden by the church’s wall on the Firmeza side and so as many who live near by. We would find human bones at times as we tend to my mom’s little garden. To many, she’s known as Aling Mary. My dad is a taxi cab driver and my mom a maid during the day and at the end of the day, she goes around the neighborhood to collect left over foods to feed our pigs. My parents raised my brother, Jamie, me, Jojo, and my sister Aurea. I’m thankful that the first sixteen years of my life was spent growing up near and around the Balic-Balic church. I loved and missed waking up in the morning from the sound of the church’s bell ringing and the social gathering of many people from different corners of Balic-Balic to either have talk with God or just be with friends. I can’t forget walking from school, Legarda Elementary school, and always wonder who live in spooky gothic looking big house in Calabash Road and right accross from it is the “Gubat”. Everywhere I go in a day, I always can’t wait to be home or to be inside Balic-Balic compound especially from 3 till the sundown. The sun shine’s extraordinary exciting in Balic-Balic. I missed Balic-Balic.

  2. I am the coordinator of the Cofradia de Nuestra Senora de Loreto in Sampaloc, Manila and one of those who conducted a research on the historical background of the Archdilocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto. Please rectify the year of the establishment of our Parish to 1613 instead of the 1616, Based on the writings of the Fransciscans we gathered from their Archives, our Church was established in 1613. Hence, you will found out in the souvenir program we circulated last December 10, 2006, our church has already celebrated its 393rd anniversary.

    You may verify this with the Parish Office.

    Thank you.

  3. As per “A Historical Sketch of the Loreto Parish and St. Anthony de Padua Shrine of Sampaloc,” written by Fr. Cantius J. Kobak, O.F.M. (1977), the parish and convent of Loreto was founded in 1613. However, according to Fr. Kobak, the dedication of the parish church of Nuestra Senora de Loreta was done in 1616. Here, Fr. Kobak is differentiating between parish, convent, and church. Thus, if he is correct, then in the year 2006, your parish is celebrating the 393rd anniversary of the founding of the parish of Sampaloc but only the 390th anniversary of the dedication of the church to the Virgin of Loreto. Could Fr. Kobak have made an error? Was in fact the Church of Loreto dedicated in 1613 instead of 1616?

  4. Please refer to the writings of Fr. Felix Huerta in his book Estado, Geografico…… pages 57-60 which mentioned that the Church of Our Lady of Loreto was indeed dedicated to the Virgin in 1613, of which the same year was recorded in the Arhcdiocese of Manlla. Could there have been a mistake in the marker placed by the Government in our Church in 1933 which also points to the same year? Another periodical, “The cruzada Serafica” which was published in Duque de Sexton, Madrid, Spain in 1931 also points to same year when the Church was dedicated to the same year.

  5. Please refer to the writings of Fr. Felix Huerta in his book Estado, Geografico…… pages 57-60 which mentioned that the Church of Our Lady of Loreto was indeed dedicated to the Virgin in 1613, of which the same year was recorded in the Arhcdiocese of Manlla. Could there have been a mistake in the marker placed by the Government in our Church in 1933 which also points to the same year? Another periodical, “The cruzada Serafica” which was published in Duque de Sexton, Madrid, Spain in 1931 also points to same year when the Church was dedicated to the Virgin.

  6. Unfortunately, Fr. Cantius J. Kobak passed away a few years ago and we will not be certain as to the exact source that he used for stating that the dedication of the Sampaloc church to the Nuestra Senora de Loreto was done in 1616. Fr. Kobak is a well known Fransican historian and thus we will need to reconcile his work with other sources of Franciscan history (Huerta included) in the Philippines. We will keep this item open for now until further notice.

  7. Hello kababayan and parishioners : *our lady of the most holy rosary from loreto ..*sampaloc.. we grew up attending mass sunday mass .I was baptised and married in our beautiful church in sampaloc.. god bless you and all and thanks from your information

  8. hello fellow sacristan, pakabait kyo k Brod cons ah.. miss ko na loreto..more power and God Bless. KHG..

  9. Do you have any data or information with regards to Pandacan Parish. It was once handled by the Franciscans based in Sampaloc, particularly your parish.
    Thank you

    Robert Tomas

  10. Mr. Robert Tomas,

    Yes, the parish of Pandacan was once part of Sampaloc until a petition was granted to separate the two. I don’t have the exact dates and details right now, but is there any other specific aspect of the history of Pandacan that you are interested in?

  11. Gud Afternoon,

    This is Mr. Nick S. Nicomedes,graduate of 1999.
    How can I have an appointment with the HTA Director Rev. Fr. Enrico Martin F. Adoviso, About Scholarship Proposal? Thank You… God Bless!

  12. Gud Afternoon,

    This is Mr. Nick S. Nicomedes,graduate of 1994.
    How can I have an appointment with the HTA Director Rev. Fr. Enrico Martin F. Adoviso, About Scholarship Proposal? Thank You… God Bless!

  13. Please contact Holy Trinity Academy at telephone number 7310743.

  14. Hello,
    My sister and I once attended grade school at Our Lady of Loretto College at Legarda, Manila. I remember the library, grotto, the church and classrooms…even my math teacher Ms. Avila.
    All these years, having lived and travelled in Europe, travelled in Africa, Asia and the US where I now reside, I’ve wondered what has become of this college. I feel drawn…it felt like I left a part of me behind. I would like to visit and tour this place once again – may we arrange this sometime early next year ?
    Please advise.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ms. Anne Marie Ginete

    • check out http://www.loretans.ning.com

    • Anne, Its me Joseph. I miss you. Please call me

    • Hi Annette,
      Have you got information about Our Lady of Loreto College at Legarda-Sampaloc, Manila? I’ve been in this school,too late 1950s to 60s. Would be glad to find out if St.Anthony’s
      Institution (orphanage) and this school in Legarda still existing? Spent my childhood years with nuns “Franciscan Missionaries of Mary” from Kindergarden to highschool and would be very happy to get in touch with some of my childhood friends, missed them all so very much! I’m Victoria “Vicky” (maiden name “Bassig”) Lenz, residing in Nuernberg Germany. Thanks!

  15. Hello,

    I need the address of the Our Lady of Loreto Church to get a copy of my baptismal certificate. Would anyone provide this information?


    Ramon Aggabao

  16. There are about a hundred streets in Sampaloc, Manila that were named after Rizal’s life, his works and influence. Browse Encyclopedia Rizaliana at lulu.com.

  17. Hi there,
    I would like to know the web address of Our Lady of Loreto Parish Church, because I needed a copy of my baptismal certificate for my wedding. I hope you can help me on this matter. God bless.
    Wimple Castro

  18. Wilma,

    THe Lady of Loreto does not have their own website. However, an email address is provided by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila website:

    Lady of Loreto Church
    Jose Figueras (Bustillos) St.
    Sampaloc, Manila
    Tel: 736-0529
    Telefax: 734-6961
    E-mail : loretoparish@yahoo.com
    Pastor:Msgr. Ceferino M. Sanchez
    Attached Priest:Msgr. Marcelino A. Montemayor

  19. Hi there,
    thanks from your information, please send us the website information of Our lady of Loreto Parish Church .. thanks lot

    Nenita Sulit -Grosjean ( former parishioner of our lady of Loreto Sampaloc manila

  20. happy fiesta day, hi sister sophie, sister sarita, sister fidela, hi all the member of legion of mary, cause of our joy. this is sister babes, a member and vice president of the block rosary in lardizabal in the ’80s. miss you all especially the our lady of loreto. i have her novena and pictures in the room.

  21. Ladies and Gentleman, I am mailing from Hamburg/Germany and I am searching for my forefathers in Sampaloc/Manila. My father Alfredo Nicasio de la Rama was born 1903 in Manila and was baptized in Lady of Loreto Church. I have the original baptizing document with all details: name of mother etc. I am starting my search now. In 2009 we will visit Manila and we finally hope to meet any forefathers. Thank you very much for your attention. I would like to send the baptizing document (Handwritten by the pastor) but how? God bless you Stephan Rama Germany

  22. Hi,
    I was born and raised within the Loreto church community. My father Jesus Carmelotes had worked in the Parish for a very long time. I had the chance to serve too as choir member of Schola Cantorum and church organist during the 70’s. We’re now based in CA, USA and will be visiting Manila this end of Feb for 3 weeks. Hopefully, I can meet our longtime parishioners-friends including Msgrs. Sanchez and Montemayor again.

    Best regards.

  23. hi,

    thou not born or raised here, sampaloc is a very significant place for me esp. as a resident and devotee of the sto. niño of pandacan. pandacan was then under this parish before the ecclesiastical separation granted by archbishop de la cuesta osa, took effect in the year 1712.it was also in this same parish that the original image of the sto niño of pandacan was brought after its miraculous discovery in the 1600’s.may the virgin of loreto who had guided this place for so long be forever enthroned in the hearts and minds of the people who lives in this place…

    thank you very much and GOD bless!!!

    best regards!!!!

  24. Where both churches on Bustillos St. (Loreto) destroyed during the war? They seem to be different when compared to old pictures of the place. There are also old lapidas inside the church.

  25. Yes, unfortunately, both churches were destroyed during WWII and were reconstructed although the old architectural designs were not followed.

  26. hi.. I am glad that Our Lady of Loreto Church in Manila was given tribute to like this.. for the curator of the museum I would like to ask if do you know some of the altar servers in Loretto Church. I would love to meet them all, especially those who serve every sunday around 4-8 pm mass. would you mind if I would ask their names? thank ou so much.

  27. hi there, i would like to ask if there is a schedule for cursillo this year. please imform me at my email address. here is my email add: menchie0423@gmail.com thanks and hoping u will reply…god bless

  28. Hello,

    Gud day… our lady of Loreto became a very big part as to what I am now. I stayed almost 1 year near Loreto church. I have used to attend almost daily masses, novenas, and special occasions. I enjoyed doing so not because of the goodlooking knights and priests but I feel the Holy Spirit when I visit our Lady of Loreto.
    But now, I need to Leave Loreto.

    I leave Loreto 3 mos. ago, and as much as I want to attend the mass evry sundays its hard for me to do it due to ditance, so may I ask a prayer request from you. not actually a a request but a THANKS GIVING PRAYER from a devotee.. from MAY.
    Thank u and God Bless

  29. HI, i used to live in Sampaloc and used to go to San Loreto, but i am now living in the United States and hasn’t been back since 1993. We no longer have relatives in Manila, either they migrated to other parts of the world, or have moved out of Manila. My problem is that i need a copy of my Certificate of Confirmation from San Loreto where i was confirmed. I need this as a requirement for the Convalidation of my Marriage here in the United States. Is there a way to apply and pay the corresponding fee online, by mail, or wire, and just received the requested document by mail to my US address? If so, can anybody please assist me in going thru this process. If you could give me the exact address of San Loreto, so i can mail my application with payment the soonest possible time, as i need this by May 23, 2010.

  30. Please be informed that LOURDES C. BARCELONA has passed away, Sept. 8, 2010. Her remain is in Funeraria NACIONAL in Araneta Ave. My Aunt Lourdes Barcelona is from batch/class 49. You may email me for details of the wake. c17_escarte@yahoo.com

  31. Hi,

    I noticed on this thread that someone has the same predicament as I do. I was baptized at Our Lady of Loreto. I am currently living in Canada. I am also getting married and my current parish requires a current copy of my baptismal certificate. I had emailed both the parish and the archidiocese but both emails were rejected. Would anyone know how I can obtain my baptismal certificate?
    Much appreciated.

    • hi,
      i was born here in Sampaloc Manila and still living near the busy streets of Bustillos. I religiously attending sunday masses and Novena masses in Our Lady of Loreto Parish. though i think that this reply may have been too late, i hope i can still be of help to you. God bless us all.

      • I am wondering if you are old enough to know about orphanages run by nuns in Sampaloc around the 1950’s. I was baptised at Our Lady of Loreto but a year later was left at an orphanage in Manila around 1953-4. Any information you can provide will help me trace back some events in my early life.

  32. Hi, I am looking for old friends (classmates) from Loreto College in Manila. Year 1960-70.
    Carina and Socorro Singson.
    Any info. from anyone back home?

  33. […] The busiest day of the year was January 29th with 139 views. The most popular post that day was Our Lady Of Loreto Church, Sampaloc, Manila. […]

  34. Hello. i would like to know how to get contacts of sampaloc church cause im looking for a baptismal certificate of Mr Juanito Abillar born on December 27.1949 and i belive he had beed baptist in the said churh.im looking forward to your reply and it will be appreciated.I as a representative of his wife badly needs it for some requiremants

  35. Service was no good! I’m telling you. The parish is doing their “business” with no reputation! My family and I were so mad because of what’s happening right now. We just want our late grand father to be buried safe and in good condition. We’ve talked with some parish coordinators/organizers before the urn was sent to the Philippines and everything was like fine. After all, a week before the burial of the urn we just found out that we gotta pay the remaining balance of 40,000 even thou we already paid the deposit cost 10,000. The agreement was like we don’t really have to worry about giving a full payment as long as we paid the deposit cost because we could pay the balance (40K) within throughout the year. And now we were like being played by those parish organizers making business out of lies! I just want justice. It’s the trust that matters. It’s about your committee, it’s about a clean and clear transaction. It’s about delivering good and humane service. Please bear with this. PLEASE! (I know that this is a negative comment but I just want people to get rid of this kind of business)

  36. i am searching for a church record of the marriage of my in laws namely: ricardo marquez and milagros vinta santiago which was held sometime in 1948 or 1949. both of them are deceased by the way. is there an office in the church where we can inquire to assist us. thanks. percy hernandez

  37. Greetings:

    This is Maribel Mallari (formerly Maribel Bonifacio Guaring), I am writing for assistance, please.

    I need to obtain a copy of my baptismal certificate. According my mother, I was baptized at Our Lady of Loreto sometime around February/April 1966. I was actually born on January, 1966, in case that is helpful to note.

    Thank you in advance for any information you may provide with regard to this request.


    Maribel Mallari

  38. Salamat sa pagdinig po ninyo sa aking kahilingan Mahal na Birhen ng Loreto.

  39. I am wondering why they had to build San Antonio de Padua church next to Our Lady of Loreto church?

  40. Hi ,
    My sister and I were formerly an intern at St Anthony’s Institution .I would like to find out what happened to it or was it totally demolished.If they move somewhere in the Phil , I would like to getin touch with them to give a donation as give back time. Malou Collantes Achacoso

  41. Good Morning!

    This is Corazon Morales Taguba. I am writing for assistance please.

    I need to get a copy of the Baptismal Certificate of my brother LEOPOLDO ANTONIO MORALES (deceased) who was baptized on August 1, 1948 in your church by Fr. Melencio de Vera. He was born on December 18, 1947 and our parents were LOPE MORALES AND TEODORA DACANAY.

    This is needed to established our relationship with Leopoldo for visa purposes.

    Thank you for your assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

  42. P.S. I tried to call the number 736-0529 but it seems a wrong number

    Cora M. Taguba

  43. Hi, Can anyone please help me get a valid contact number for Loreto Parish? these numbers doesn’t work anymore:

    Tel: 736-0529
    Telefax: 734-6961

    The email address is not valid too (loretoparish@yahoo.com). I badly need a latest copy of my baptismal certificate (for marriage purposes only). Unfortunately, we no longer have relatives in Manila. I also tried their supposed website (https://sites.google.com/site/simbahanngloreto/contact-us) but I haven’t gotten a response until now and I’ve already tried contacting them 5x within 2 months. If anyone has an information of the updated contact number or email address for Loreto Parish, please let me know by replying to this comment or emailing me at izza_garcia@yahoo.com. Any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂 God bless! 🙂

  44. Thanks so much Martin! God bless your good heart. 🙂

    Loreto Parish’s number is indeed +632-734-6961. I was able to contact them earlier. For those who are no longer in Manila, you can call them and they will tell you how to retrieve a copy of your baptismal certificate/marriage certificate/confirmation certificate/etc.

  45. Hi Good Day po!
    Is it true po na si Father Cesar Macariola ay isa sa mga preist dyan sa simbahan.

    • Yes. Father Cesar Macariola is one of the guest priests of the parish. By the way, the parish is now called Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto. This year we’ll be celebrating its 400 years of existence.

      Pls come and visit the parish..Mama Mary will be more than happy to see you all 🙂

  46. Hi, Is there a story behind why the 2 churches were built side by side? I used to visit Our Lady of Loreto and St Anthony de Padua every Maundy Thursday i include them in my visita iglesia all the way from Manila Cathedral down to Sto.Domingo church. I hope you can give me a light on this.

  47. Hello, i missed Our Lady of Loreto Church. Nagdasal ako sa kanya tinulungan niya ako. Salamat po.

  48. Very good article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our website.
    Keep up the good writing.

  49. I posted an inquiry some years ago but never received a response concerning the Station of the Cross paintings that were done by Simon Basa Saulog. I just wanted to see the final paintings since I was able to watch him started from sketches but I left the Philippines in 1969 and I didn’t get to see those life size master pieces. I’ll appreciate whatever insight or info you’ll give me. Simon Basa Saulog was my uncle and I love all his arts and paintings.

  50. To whom are you addressing your comment about “waiting for your article on Simon Saulog’s work.”?

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