Balic-balic and Rizal Day circa 1933

rizalday1908.jpgThis December 30, 2006, the Philippines celebrates the 110th anniversary of the death of Dr. Jose Rizal.

About 79 years ago, Edith Eberle (Palm Tree and Pine; Stories of the Philippine Islands) wrote that the “… great patriotic day among the Filipino people is Rizal Day,… and that “… Jose Rizal is the great patriot and hero of the Philippine Islands. Furthermore, she writes that during Rizal Day there…”are parades with decorated floats, bands and marching organizations. There are programs with eulogies and national appeals. There are balls with queens chosen in popularity contests and coronated with brilliant ceremony.”

Image: Dr. Jose Rizal on the cover of The Filipino Teacher, December 1908 Issue.

In Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila, a photograph of Roberta Oxida dated December 30, 1933, provides a glimpse of how this small barrio participated in the celebration of Rizal Day. Unfortunately, oral history has left no trace of memory among current Balic-balic residents on how the “Patnubay ni Gat Jose Rizal” was chosen.


Image: Miss Roberta Oxida, Patnubay ni Gat Jose Rizal (1933). Collection of the curator of the Museo de Santisima Trinidad.

July 15, 2007. While visiting the “On Sacred Ground” exhibit, Patricia Oxida told her mom about a photo with a Miss Roberta Oxida. That afternoon, the mother and her child came back with the nephew of Roberta (called Berta). According to Antonio Oxida Jr., his father told him of an aunt that won a Miss Balic-balic contest way back in the 1930’s but this is the first time he is seeing an actual photo of her aunt. Miss Roberta is the eldest of 5 children from the marriage of Marcelo Oxida and Magdalena de la Cruz. A few years after being crowned the “patnubay ni gat Jose Rizal” Roberta married Fidel Deogracias. Unfortunately, Roberta passed away in 1947.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on December 22, 2006.

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  2. Hello,

    I am an image researcher working on a college text. The editor has asked to use an image from the Museo Santisima Trinidad of Dr. Jose Rizal on the cover of The Filipino Teacher, December 1908 Issue. The image was from the website. Is it possible to purchase a hi-res scan of this image? Will you please let me know how to go about doing this.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. The image is on very low resolution and would not reproduce well for printing purposes. Please let me know when is your editorial deadline for getting the image ready?

    • Dear Curator,

      We were too late in obtaining a hi res from you for the last edition. I am hoping that you could provide a hi res in hand and permission, too, by March 4th, if possible, or as soon after as possible.

      If you can help, I would send you a formal permissions/image request letter. Could you give me further contact information for you and your museum, please.

      Many thanks. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


      Carole Frohlich
      The Visual Connection Image Research, Inc.

  4. As the Catholic Taliban Sing Hallelujah!
    We would love to hear yours at Filipino Voices. Please join a lively conversation about Jose Rizal Day. December or June?

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  6. Dear Curator,

    My apologies for not having responded to the emails above. I hadn’t realized that this was the only way to communicate with you, so hadn’t checked back to your site.

    Because of the production schedule of A History of World Societies 9/e, John McKay et al, I have had a photographer create a hi res image from the online image of Dr. Jose Rizal on the cover of The Filipino Teacher, December 1908 issue. But I still do need your permission for this usage.

    Project specifications:

    Text: A History of World Societies 9/e, John McKay et al

    Publisher: Bedford/St Martins

    Rights requested: World English Print and eBook (electronic)

    Print run: 76,500

    Is credit OK: Cover of “The Filipono Teacher” December 1908. Courtesy, Museo Santisima Trinidad.

    Please leave a permission note (so that at least I know that permission is granted) on this site – and, if possible, your address so that I can send you a formal permissions letter with the publisher’s address so that you can submit an invoice to cover the reproduction fee.

    I would be grateful if you could respond as soon as possible, please.

    Many thanks.

    Carole Frohlich
    Picture Researcher

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