HTA 60th Anniversary: Celebrates with School Parade

On a cloudy Monday morning of June 25th 2007, the Holy Trinity Academy of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila conducted a school parade around the parish to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legal recognition of the school in 1947 by the Department of Education.


HTA School Parade, June 25, 2007. The marching band leading the way for the proud trinitarians.


HTA Parade. Grade III-IV Pupils Ati-Atihan Style.

The parade started around 7:30 o’clock in the morning with the elementary children leading the festivities. The children wore commemorative t-shirts in various colors.


HTA School Parade. Grade 1 & 2.


HTA School Parade. June 25, 2007.

One school child drinking water already barely a few steps out of the main gate of the Holy Trinity Church. Along the way, children found creative ways of dealing with the challenge of walking under the morning sun.


The parade ended after more than an hour with a lot of anxious parents waiting to see if their children survived the parade. Proud Trinitarians returning to their home.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on June 25, 2007.

19 Responses to “HTA 60th Anniversary: Celebrates with School Parade”

  1. very organized, the children actively participated and it showed on their faces that they are enjoying the activity

  2. I was one of the first Trinity student, in the old convento with father ignacio, and then we moved to the new building. I am 55 and that was 48 years ago.
    this pictures made me so nostalgic to the point of tears. way to go kids, ……..

    • Ben, you probably don’t know me but I am also an alumni batch 1981. My fellow batchmates was probably your nephews or cousins. My classmates were Willy Munji, Nelson Munji and friend Jerry Munji… I know and friends of the Munji Family since we were in Kindergarden. I use to hangout in their house in Instruccion. My best regards my fellow alumni. I am by the way in the US.


      • hi jhun
        i hope you still remember me..moneth abalos and kenneth domingo year 1987 before i leave in manila to usa…
        dont hesitate to write at me
        thnks and regards and god bless

  3. i wis i was there…

  4. I miss my tukmo days. I used to hang around after school at tambay lang sa library at laro ng basketball. It’s been more than 25 years na rin. last year, I came to visit Manila (taga Los Angeles, California na ako) and passed by Holy Trinity in a taxi. Sarado ang gates, kaya tingin na lang ako at reminice noong bata pa ako. Oh well, this year balk ako sa Manila on business, this time pasyal talaga ako at kausapin ko ang mga tao doon. Kung may kakilala pa ako.

  5. i wish someone can contact me regarding reunions in the future. looking forward to see my batchmates again.

  6. The next grand reunion of the HTA will be on June 28, 2008. Please visit the HTA Website for further details.

  7. can i ask do you know angelica mae alcantara studying there

  8. I am trying to get a hold of my classmates batch ’08 Auxilium Christianorum. I am here in Houston TX since ’92 and would really love to hear from y’all.


  10. I am Maria Teresa Dela Cruz-Manay, an alumna of HTA Girl’s Dept. batch 1980-1981. I am very glad to see this site because I have been trying to locate my batchmates. If anyone happens to know an alumna from my batch, you can email me at I would appreciate it so much! Thanks and may the Lord bless us all.

  11. I am John Norman Escalona, currently residing at manama kingdom of bahrain. I am from batch ’96. Can somebody e-mail me if there will be a reunion for our batch ( Thank u & God bless..!!

  12. I was surfing the web & found this site. We were the 1st boy graduates in the old convento ’66-70.The first 1 or 3 years (I think ??) we spent mixed with the girls in the old HTA and then it was decided to separate the girls & the boys. The boys (there were less than 20 of us) went to the convento % the girls stayed.Fr.Avendano was the Asst. Parish Priest & Father Jose was the Parish priest. I still have old class pictures including 1st communion,graduation & post grad reception pics. Graduation was held in the church. The valedictorian of our small class is now a neurosurgeon in the Philippines-Sonny Villaruel.Salutarian was George Maglaqui,possibly living in London.I was 3rd in class and residing in the States. To the new generation of Trinitarians: God Bless & keep on striving for the best!

  13. Would love to hear from the following Tukmonians;
    Steve Fernandez
    Rolando Navarro
    Joseph San Juan

    Many Thanks.
    Jorge Bose

  14. Roland Passion, Brando Reyes, George Maglaqui. These are names I remember from Batch 70. You have a classmate here in Las Vegas, Nonoy Suarez. You can contact me at

  15. I hope we could have a reunion for our alumni that’s here stateside… I heard they had one in Los Angeles but did not know how to contact them. Anyway, being an alumni of HTA HOLDS A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART! I will NEVER FORGET those GOOD ‘OL TIMES!

    Jun Mella
    San Diego, CA

  16. Went to visit our old alma mater last July 2015 while I was in Pinas on holiday with my family only to be told by the guard at the gate that I wasn’t allowed to visit as the school was busy. I tried to explain the circumstances of where I’ve come from and also being one of the first graduates and he didn’t care. Going to try again this coming February, I might get lucky

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