On Sacred Ground: An Out of the Box Photo Exhibit

On Sacred Ground: An Out of the Box Photo-Exhibit extended until end July 2007. The commemorative photo-exhibit to celebrate the 75th Jubilee anniversary of the renaming of the parroquia de Balic-balic to Parroquia de Santisima Trinidad in 1932.


The exhibit opened last May 18, 2007 and around 350 registered visitors (plus more than about 100 unregistered visitors) have seen the photos highlighting the evolution of the parish from its beginnings as a cemetery to the becoming the first Trinitarian parish in the archdiocese of Manila.


Photo: A visitor kneels and prays before the image of the forgotten Trinity.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the image of the “forgotten Trinity” which the curator of the exhibit “found” last May 14 inside the parish grounds while preparing the exhibit area.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on June 29, 2007.

One Response to “On Sacred Ground: An Out of the Box Photo Exhibit”

  1. congratulations! very informative and well researched ang web site. talagang pinagpaguran at pinaggugulan ng panahon. napaiyak ako ng makita ko ang image ng forgotten Trinity. talaga bang nalilimutan na sya. unti unti na ba syang nawawala sa kamalayan. hanggang may mga taong kagaya nyo na patuloy na pinalalaganap ang pamimintuho sa Kanya, the Holy Trinity will forever live.

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