On Sacred Ground: A Photo-Essay Writing Contest

Are you an elementary, high school, or college student and a resident of Balic-balic?

Visit the “On Sacred Ground” exhibit (open whole day every Sunday) and choose a photo that you like the best. Write your own essay (English, 3 pages, double space, font 12) and get a chance to win P1,000 (one thousand pesos). One winner each for elementary, high school, and college level will received P1,000.

Send your essay to: curatormuseo@yahoo.com on or before July 31st 2007. Indicate your complete name, home address, telephone number, school, grade/level, and section as applicable.

All submitted essays become property of museo santisima trinidad.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 5, 2007.

One Response to “On Sacred Ground: A Photo-Essay Writing Contest”

  1. mya memory with this chuch during my highschool days. On my first year level there was a time when i sas accompanied by my grandfather fetching me after school, sometimes we get inside the church before we live. It was then i discovered that he gor so manyy medallion (anting-anting), when he secretly put the all in the holy water container, but unfortunately it make a loud sound while doing it….god bless my mamay.

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