Rebuilding the Drainage System of G. Tuazon Street


Photo: Calabash Road corner G. Tuazon (note newly installed drainage pipes on lower right corner.

guardianstool.jpgAs the new school-year (2007-2008) started, the long stretch of G.Tuazon, formerly known as Calle Balic-balic, underwent a series of excavation work to improve the drainage system.  As an example, the corner of Santisima Trinidad and G. Tuazon was closed to give way to a number of excavations. Vehicular traffic, especially of jeepneys coming from Galas, had to turn right at Santisima Trinidad Street and turn left at Calabash Road just right in front of the Most Holy Trinity Church.


Photo: A stool stands guard along the corner of G. Tuazon and Santisima Trinidad. 



~ by Martin Gaerlan on November 18, 2007.

One Response to “Rebuilding the Drainage System of G. Tuazon Street”

  1. I missed this place. I remember when I was in 4th grade while rushing to go to school early morning I busted my head on one of Alcantaraz’s sheet metal in front of his shop. Blood all over my face as I ran back home. G-Tuazon was packed at this time, I could still hear people screaming as they see this child ran back home.

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