Franciscan Sermon – Flores de Mayo, Sampaloc

Fr. Ramon Caviedas o.f.m., the builder of Sampaloc cemetery in Balic-balic, was the 83rd parish priest of Our Lady of Loreto in Sampaloc. He was appointed parish priest of Sampaloc on May 27, 1882 and replaced by Fr. Antonio Martin de Vidales y Gimeno on May 17, 1894. 

Fr. Caviedas published a series of sermons and one sermon focused on his key messages upon conclusion of the Flores de Mayo. The sermon was written in Tagalog and the first paragraph begins as follows:

Dearly beloved brothers, we have reached the time to harvest the fruits of our devotion to the most beloved mother of God,  the Immaculate Virgin Mary, as we conclude the month of the flowers where we offerred with all gladness our souls in praise and honor to our Immaculate Virgin who bestows the fragrance of her holiness and saintliness to the whole Christiandom.

Therefore, let us strengthen our selves in our faith that our Virgin Mother will not allow us to leave this place without bestowing on us her bountiful blessings, and that it may be as well for the Most High Heavens, Throne of the Holy Trinity , where she counts the offerrings of those weakned hearts who realized how many and large are their sins, and who were delighted if awakened amidst the grace of the vast ocean of  the mercy of Mary.”




~ by Martin Gaerlan on April 7, 2008.

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