Do You Remember Sison Ice Drop?

Do You Remember Sison Ice Drop? Famous for mongo, cheso, buko, pinipig ice drops. Factory located at 415-417,419 Trabajo and 540 Verdad, Sampaloc, Manila.

Source: M.R. Gaerlan Collection


~ by Martin Gaerlan on February 20, 2011.

16 Responses to “Do You Remember Sison Ice Drop?”

  1. OMG! I could barely remember this but I think the son of the owner is my classmate in PREP (PREPARATORY) in HTA. ABERON SISON is his name…

  2. the factory is near Firmeza St. we used to live in sampaloc and i remember this structure but didnt know that it used to be an ice drop factory..

  3. Yes of course. Sison Ice Drop factory. I remember I and my elder brother Ricardo went there to try sale a bagful of Sison Ice Drop. We walked and vended the stuff from V G Cruz St., to Blumintritt St. We sold some 35 centavos of ice drop. We split the earnings. It was fun. It was my first direct selling experience and now i am still in sales while my brother Ricardo is now a full pledge army colonel.

  4. I do remember Sison Ice Drop coz our house is located at the back of the factory at Verdad St. I have known the owner of the factory Mrs. Maria Miranda Sison and her youngest son Augusto Sison..

  5. SISON ice drop was a treat for us kids. We only had it during pay day! I long for the simpler times of the past.

  6. do you remember how much Sison ice drop was and what was your favorite flavor?

  7. yes. I miss the cheso.

  8. maybe the best icedrop ever

  9. Martin, are you a graduate of Holy Trinity? I am.. I am very impressed with your blog. I am in the US and would like to know if you are also from my Alma Mater..

  10. Back in the early ’70s, I met a son of the owner, Mr. Augusto “Gus” Sison, he was a barkada of a relative of mine. I remember that Kuya Gus had a beautiful wife, a Zamboanguena I think.

    • Im Gus youngest daughter Ria. Dad died over 30 years ago. My 3 older sisters live in US now and I live in Australia. Nice to know some people still remembers the ice cream factory and Dad.

  11. when did they launch it

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