Chinese Miners in Mancayan, Lepanto During the Spanish Period

Edgar Wickberg, in his book, The Chinese in Philippine Life, noted that Spanish owned mining companies in Cebu, Ilocos, and Lepanto, employed small groups of Chinese (p.112). How small was small? As an example, the Spanish mining company, Cantabro-Filipina, employed various Chinese in the Mancayan mines of Lepanto. The list of key officers of mining firm included the following: Don Tomas de Balbas y Castro Director General), D. Lorenzo Clavo (President), D. Bartolome Barretto (Vice-President), D. Viccente de Carranceja (Secretary), D. Jose Domingo Fernandez de Castro (Treasurer); and other members of the Board of Directors (D. Ramon Rodriguez Trujillo, D. Luis Oraa, D. Francisco Carrera and D. Nicasio Suarez Llanos.

The mining claims for the Mancayan ore mines were registered on Jan 12, 1857 under the name of Santa Lucia and Santa Roque. Jose Balbas Ageo, mining administrator for Cantabro-Filipina Mancayan, submitted a list of  91 Chinese miners employed by said company. The complete 3 pages of the list can be downloaded from:

The complete 3 pages of the list can be downloaded from :


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 9, 2011.

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