Barangay No. 13, Sampaloc, Manila, 1870

Do residents of the different barangays during the Spanish colonial period change in the passing of time? As an example, we look at cabeceria no. 13, Sampaloc, Manila during two years, 1858 and 1870 or a difference of almost 12 years. In 1870,  Manuel Cabrera, 22 years old, was listed as the cabeza de barangay. Joaquin Enriguez (cabeza de barangay in 1858) has already died as her spouse, Valerina Pasguala, aged 44, was listed as a widow. The children Evaristo (22 years old), Catalina (22 years old), Simplicio (20 years old), were still listed in the same barangay.  However, two children listed in 1858, Timotea (3 years old) and Tecla (2 years old) were not listed anymore and we can presume that the two have died. The good news, a new child by the name of Gregorio (age 4 years) was added in the 1870 register. In another family, Josefa Enriguez, 23 years old, who was listed as a “cigarrera” in 1858, continued to work in the same job 12 years later.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on July 27, 2011.

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