The Game of Imperial Thrones in the Philippines

The beloved son of the saint in yellow,

if he partakes of the mother’s faith,

believes the throne he sits on as God’s gift,

with his divine crusader’s sword he wields,

to cut the mighty bond that ties,

supreme judge of the forksaken islands

and the dethroned little queen.

Off with his imperial judicial crown,

that the elected lord might choose his own,

the honorable men in robes of pink,

when honor’s name is no more,

will come to the torture chamber

in the year of the dragon,

to devour the high judge,

with the prosecuting fire,

that all may see, and fear,

the executive power unleashed,

to fight the ghosts of corruption,

the legislative power unleashed,

to impeach the high and mighty,

but pray now all you of faith,

the dragon’s fire devours not our beloved democracy,

but the abusive powers of all three branches,

melt into the molten lava of humility and service,

that those seeking gains for their selfish interests,

find only the justified pains of self-inflicted burns,

no king (or queen), no judge, no politician, no spokesperson,

no men in pink, or red, or black, or white, or camouflage green,

shall usurp the power of the ordinary people,

doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way,

doing ordinary acts of faith, hope, charity, and justice,

while the three branches fight till the glorious

end of live television and radio coverage,

could the only victor in the end,

be the barons of the fourth estate,

pray not,

ordinary people

of these beloved islands.

Poetic Justice, Poetic Impeachment

Author: MRG

Further readings related to impeachment of Chief Justice Corona and the powers of President Aquino:

Primus inter alios by Amelia H.C. Ylagan (

Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Statement re Impeachment.

Speech of Chief Justice Corona, December 14, 2011.

Rules on Impeachment, Senate, Republic of the Philippines.

The “Least Dangerous Branch” in Dissenting Opinion by Maria Lourdes P. A. SERENO.

After the Imperial Presidency by Jonathan Mahler (

Edsel Tupaz, Corona’s Impeachment: The Way Forward for the Prosecution, JURIST – Sidebar, Dec. 22, 2011

Of Politics and the Rule of the Law:


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