The Holy Trinity in the Altar of Soccoro Ramos

According to Bianca Gonzalez, Soccoro Cancio-Ramos, founder of National Bookstore, has 268 santos (religious images) in her collection of which 233 are in her home and the rest in her office (The Philippine Star, Dec. 18, 2011, p. I-2).  An examination of one of the photos by Jun Mendoza shows a religious collection dominated by various images of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus Christ (as the Sto. Nino). However, a closer look of the altar will reveal one image of the Holy Trinity (although, we are not sure how many images of the Holy Trinity are there among the 268 santos) standing in between two large images of the Virgin Mary.

The image of the Holy Trinity in the collection of Soccoro Ramos shows  God the Father carrying the cross with the crucified Christ and the Holy Spirit just in between the heads of both God the Father and God the Son.  This particular iconography of the Holy Trinity is uncommon in the Philippines but not in Europe or in Latin America (see below example of commercially done image of this type of Holy Trinity available in the Philippines).

Note: Holy Trinity Statue Made of Resin and Wood Similar to Holy Trinity in Collection of Soccoro Ramos.

As an example of the same type of iconography, we can admire the terracotta of the Holy Trinity of the Cathedral of Arrezzo which was done by Andre della Robbia (circa 1485-1486). In greater detail, we can appreciate how the artist tried to convey the loving presence of God the Father and of the Holy Spirit especially when Jesus cried out why the Father has abandoned Him.

Source: Trinity Altarpiece by Andrea della Robbia (


~ by Martin Gaerlan on December 18, 2011.

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  1. where did you buy the first holy Trinity statue above?

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