The Untold Story of the Catalans in Philippine History

When will the Catalan’s contribution to Philippine history be published?

With the recent December 13, 2011 launching of Jose R. Rodriguez and Dr. Lino Dizon’s “Cruceiro-Spanish Galicia At Some Crossroads in Philippine History and Culture 1521-1898,” (see and, the Galicians finally found their voice in Philippine history. Congratulations to the Center for Kapampangan Studies of  the Holy Angel University ( and the  Centro Gallego de Filipinas for this pioneering work.  Note: Aside from the Philippines, many Galicians immigrated to Argentina, see Centro Gallego de Buenos Aires (

The authors during the book launching: Image Source:

A few years ago, Marciano R. de Borja’s (2005) “Basques in the Philippines” told the stories of the Basques families who immigrated to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. Plentiful online materials regarding Basques in the Philippines can be found like “Basque Men in the Philippines,” ( “Basque Street Names in Manila,” (, and the “Philippine Villages or Towns with Basque Names,” (

The re-appreciation of the role of immigrants from the autonomous regions of Spain in the history of the Philippines will not be complete if the stories of the Catalans remain untold. Are you a descendant of a Catalan? Are you aware of any published materials regarding the Catalans in the Philippines? Would you be interested in sharing your family’s Catalan history in the Philippines? When will the Catalan’s stories be heard and appreciated?

From a descendant of Jose Mills y Barrall, from Baga, Barcelona, Spain. See the newly published book about the life of Don Jose Mills ( (

Image: Jose Mills y Barrall.

Additional Resources:

For those interested in learning more about Catalan history and culture, please visit “Institut d’Estudis Catalans“( Note: Activate google translate function to convert Catalan into English.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on December 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Untold Story of the Catalans in Philippine History”

  1. […] publications on immigrants to the Philippines from the Basque and Galician regions of Spain (see As an example, in his book, Basques in the Philippines, Marciano R. de Borja, listed some of the […]

    • Hello. My name is Mark Roland Arquero Castaneda. I learned years ago that my mother’s name, Arquero, is of Mallorcan origin. The name Arquer(o) is from the island of Mallorca where Catalan is spoken. Her family is from Ilocos Sur originally. When I visited Vigan a couple years ago I encountered a few other Catalan names (unfortunately I did not record them). I am excited to see more information here about Catalans in the history of our islands. Thank you. Merces! Gracias. Salamat!!

  2. My grandfather’s name Alfonso Castellvi Y Ortega from Tarlac on of the sons of the Code de Villanueva , Enrique Conde De Villanueva Y Ortega….

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