Who’s Who of Medical Doctors in Spanish Colonial Philippines: Archival Index Part 2

Who were the medical doctors during the late 19th century in the Philippines? According to Reynaldo C. Ileto, the medico titulares (medical doctors) “emerged nevertheless as powerful figures” in the Philippines during the revolutionary period (1882-1895) and an  alternative “rising class” versus the friars (Outlines of A Non-Linear Emplotment of Philippine History in Lim Teck Ghee, ed., Reflections on DEVELOPMENT in Southeast Asia, 1988, p. 140).   Celestino Boncan, Phd., in a paper titled Historical, Political, Economic Dimensions of Epidemics: Cholera and Smallpox in 19th Century Philippines ( see at http://www.paclas.org.ph/PAPERS/Boncan.pdf) listed the names of medicos titulares from Abra to Zamboanga. A good number of the appointment papers and reports of these medicos titulares could be found in the archival bundles “Memorias Medicas” and “Medicos Titulares” located at the National Archives of the Philippines.

Rose Marie E. Mendoza, an independent researcher, prepared and donated an index to around 57 bundles of these memorias and medicos titulares.  Part 1 of the index is available at https://curatormuseo.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/doctors-public-health-in-spanish-colonial-philippines-an-archival-index/).

Part 2 of the Partial Index of “Memorias Medicas”  and “Medicos Titulares” contains 191 entries from  six bundles. Again, most of the documents contains various communications related to the appointment, transfer, termination of services of medical doctors in various provinces in the Philippines.

SDS 16628 (34). Contains 34 items of medicos titulares. Some items on smallpox in Zamboanga in 1884 (item 17) and in Zambales in 1897 (item 34).

SDS 16645 (35). Contains 35 items of medicos titulares. Includes some items related to regulations  (item 9, “la circular determinando la manera de prestar el servicio de Forenses los medicos titulares”) and required reports (item 16, “Legislacion referente a los medicos titulares – circular a los jefes de prov_as-sobre que se haga entender a los medicos titulares la precisa obligacion de redactar la memoria medica correspondiente al ano de 1885, segun dispone el Real Decreto de 31 de Marzo de 1876“).  Again, for the cholera researcher, some finds include item 27 on medical precautions taken during the cholera outbreak of 1882 in Ysabela de Luzon.

SDS 16630 (23). Contains 23 items of medicos titulares. Cholera quarantine for a ship in Mariveles, 1882 can be found in item 8, medical requirements for prisoners in Laguna (item 17) and Ilocos Sur (item 16).

SDS 16631 (38). Contains 38 items. Includes creation of the medicos titulares for the various ports of Cebu, Iloilo, and Zamboanga (item 15),  reforms in the careers of holders of medical titles (item 14), service merit for medicos titulares who rendered service during cholera epidemic of 1889 in Ilocos Norte (item 35), Zamboanga (item 36), Camarines Sur (item 37).

SDS 16641 (31). contains 31 items of medicos titulares. Item 19 includes birth, marriage, death reports for Abra and item 20 for Ysabela de Basilan.

SDS 16633 (30). Contains 30 items of medicos titulares. A lot of the documents pertain to D. Jose R. Hidalgo y Padilla and his various assignments (Leyte, Lepanto, Romblon, Bataan, Marianas, Calamianes y Morong).

Note: Number enclosed in parenthesis after SDS (Spanish Document Section) refers to number of indexed entries and is not part of SDS number.

Download Part 2 (size = 1.63MB) MEMORIAS MEDICAS Part 2


~ by Martin Gaerlan on January 12, 2012.

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