Foreign Medical Doctors in Spanish Colonial Philippines: Archival Index Part 3

On June 20, 1865,  a royal decree approving the creation of “medicos titulares” (provincial or district health officers)  in the Philippines was issued (Joaquin Rodriguez San Pedro, Legislacion Ultramarina, 1868, Vol. 10, p.477). According to Warwick Anderson, in his article Immunization and Hygiene in Colonial Philippines (Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Science, 2007, Vol. 62., No. 1, p. 6 or see, the first medicos titulares were appointed around 1876.  In addition, Mr. Anderson stated that it was in 1877 that the University of Santo Tomas graduated her first batch of medical doctors (although it should be noted that the official website of the University of Santo Tomas dates that first commencement exercise for seven graduates of the college of medicine in 1876 and not in 1877 ( see  Of course, while the University of Santo Tomas was not yet  granted the authority to open a medical school or had not yet graduated her first batch of medical doctors, the Spanish authorities and public relied on doctors who graduated from foreign universities. Among the bundles in part 3 can be found documents related to the application for a license to practice medicine in the Philippines by doctors, not only from Spain, but also from Germany, Portugal, Great Britain, and the United States of America (see below).

In Part 3 of Rose Marie E. Mendoza’s “Partial Index of Memorias Medicas and Medicos Titulares,” there are 8 bundles with 185 indexed entries.

SDS 16634 (49). Contains 49 entries of medicos titulares. Some interesting items include: the first two women mentioned in the medicos titulares, Da. Basilia Garcia and Da. Silvina Calixto, “matronas Titulares” (licensed midwifes) for Bulacan and Batangas respectively (item 9), vaccination in Tayasan, Negros (item 49), smallpox in Iloilo, 1873 (item 48), reimbursement of around $107 for expenses during 1889 cholera in Surigao (item 46).

SDS 16635 (25). Contains 25 items of medicos titulares. Includes some appointments for arrabales of Manila including Santa Ana (item 19), Ermita (item 22), proposed changes to regulations for medicos titulares (item 25),

SDS 16636  (34). Contains 34 items of medicos titulares. Appointments papers for medicos titulares of Binondo and Sampaloc (item 19), Intramuros (item 23), two professors of medicine asking for their honorarium (item 28), cholera in Manila, 1882 (item 32), license for professor of Veterinary Joaquin Sanchez Torrejon, 1894 (item 33).

SDS 16637 (12). Contains 12 items of medicos titulares. Includes some cases, e.g., falsification of public records (item 8).

SDS 16638 (3). Contains only 3 items but very important for the history of public health in Bulacan as there are memorias  1877, 1878, and 1880 to 1893. Included as well are the memorias for Bohol (1881, 1884), Zamboanga (1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1883, 1886 to 1894.

SDS 16639 (35). Contains 35 items on medicos titulares. Application for license by various foreign nationals; D. Alejandro Fischer, German, 1877 (item 2), D. Francisco de Silva Magahaes, Portuguese, 1875 (item 3), D. Ernesto Struve, German, 1884 (item 4), D. Arthur G.L. Minjoat, American, 1898), D. William M. Piggott, American, 1878 (item 7), Dr. Baron Luis de Herman, German, 1890 (item 11), D. John Maye, British, 1891 (item 12), D. Arturo Juan Jefferson, British, 1889 (item 13). D. Pablo Parmentier, French, 1872 (item 14), D. Roberto Felipe MacLaren, English, 1872 (item 15).

SDS 16649 (5). Contains 5 items mostly related to fines or “multas”

SDS 16657 (22). Contains 22 items on medicos titulares (transfers, appointments, etc.).

Note: Numbers in parentheses refers to entries and is not part of the Spanish Document Section (SDS) reference number.

Download Part 3 (size = 1.45 MB).


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