Grade V Holy Trinity Academy 1948-1949 Balic-Balic Sampaloc Manila

This school-year 2012-2013, the Holy Trinity Academy of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila celebrates the 65th anniversary (1947-2012) of her official incorporation on May 27, 1947 and the recognition of the kindergarten classes by the Department of Education.  However, the first elementary classes opened as early as April 2, 1946 with the first two kindergarten sections of 60 students with two teachers.   By June 1946, two Grades One  and one Grade Two classes were opened.  By school-year 1947-1948, a Grade II and Grade IV classes were added. The higher elementary grades, like the Grade V class, started in 1948-1949. Auxiliadora Reyes-Abanilla, MD,  one of the students of this Grade V class, wrote her memories of these early school days. She graduated elementary on March 1950.

Grade V Class, Holy Trinity Academy, 1948-1949. Dr. Auxiliadora Reyes-Abanilla, 1st row, 2nd from left; Fr. Bernardo Torres, 1st row, middle; Mr. Pedro Acosta, 1st row seated, 4th from right; Ms. Trinidad A. Domingo, 2nd row, standing, 4th from left; Sister Agnes Encarnacion, 2nd row, standing, 4th from right. Jose Reyes, eldest brother of Auxiliadora Reyes-Abanilla, 3rd row, 1st on the right. (photo courtesy of Lucina Ramos-Reyes Family).

My Memories of the Holy Trinity Academy

by Auxiliadora Reyes-Abanilla, MD (written August 14, 2006).

“It all started one chilly morning in December. Fr. Bernardo Torres, Jr., then parish priest of the Santisima Trinidad parish, was having a hot cup of salabat with two of his loyal church choir members after the misa de gallo. He voiced out his desire to open a parish school. While it is true that there were two schools in the area, these were public schools (Galas Elementary School (Aurora A. Quezon Elementary School) and Legarda Elementary School). He wanted a school that will provide the children in the parish Catholic education that is affordable. The two choir members were Miss ISABEL E. RAMOS and Mrs. TRINIDAD A. DOMINGO, a childless widow. Both women are elementary school teachers with many years of experience between them. Much to his delight, the idea was received enthusiastically by the two. The church funds were meagre but the plan was feasible. They could use the spacious first floor beneath the convento for school rooms.

Thus it was that on June 1948, my brother JOSE and I were pulled out of the Galas Elementary School. We found ourselves attending classes with other Grade V students at the Holy Trinity Academy, as the school mwas named.

Grade V:

  •                               REMEDIOS CALUYA                   JOSE REYES
  •                               SINFOROSA CORTES                  FIDEL NACION
  •                               LOURDES SISON                          RAMON LAGOC
  •                               HERMINIA PINEDA                     LUIS SANTOS
  •                               TRINIDAD SIKAT
  •                               LOLITA TERNIDA
  •                               JUSTINA ACOSTA
  •                               others?

Joining us were 5 other students, who we found later were Grade VI students.

Grade VI:


Domingo Santos


They joined us for most of the classes but received different lessons.

Our teachers included Mr. PEDRO ACOSTA, who taught us Arithmetic, Geography and Philippine History. There were two Franciscan nuns from St. Joseph College, QC: Sr. Agnes and Sr. Potentiana. Sr. Agned taught us English, Social Studies and Religion. Sr. Potentiana joined Miss Ramos and Mrs. Domingo who taught the lower grades. What I remember most about the new school were the books we used in class. They were beautiful and new hardbound American books with colored pictures. And there were enough for each of us although we were not allowed to bring them home. We had workbooks to answer at home. I found the lessons stimulating and the teachers knowledgeable. Mr. Acosta, though very stern, was very capable not only in the subjects he taught. He also played the violin which made him invaluable during program rehearsals. He would tirelessly play the melody as we practiced our dance steps. If the boys got distracted, he would use his violin bow to call back their attention, much to the delight of us girls.

Since the church funds were meagre, the nuns suggested we raise funds by staging a play at St. Joseph College. We would sell tickets not only to the parishioners but also to the parents of the students in the college. The students of the Holy Trinity Academy will make up the cast and since we were very few, all the students became involved. The nuns and teachers patiently rehearsed us after classes until we were able to master an operetta (THE DOLLS’ HOUSE PARTY),  a puppet show (JOLLY BOYS), two musical interpretations (THE DOORMICE and THE MOONDROP’S AWAKENING), and a musical song (I’M GOING TO WRITE TO PAPA). It was an ambitious undertaking but the show was a success. The revenue from the show greatly delighted our teachers. We also charged tickets when we staged the show at the local movie house (PREMIERE THEATER) but at HTA, we staged the show for free. It was quite expensive for our parents who spent for most of the costumes and props but for us kids, it was just fun and part of our happy childhood memories.”


~ by Martin Gaerlan on June 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi! I’m PROUD TO BE A HTAcian/Trinitarian because this school teach me how to be a good person thank you HOLY TRINITY ACADEMY to guiding us how to be a Saint THANK YOU VERY MUCH . 🙂

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