The King’s Order: Simplify the Weather

let’s simplify weather news,
ordered the king of good news,
if only they understood the call,
heavy, moderate, or light rainfall,
relative humidity or moon’s luminosity,
red, yellow, and green transparency,
the wretched would have withstood,
storm surges and crashing barges,
floating garbage and rolling boulders.

never mind if rivers are choking,
never mind if rivers are dying,
never mind if basins are disappearing,
never mind if esteros require dredging.

forget city planning,
election is coming,
no relocating,
just evacuating,
pork budget’s allocating,

the only thing that matters,
communique of good chatter,
of everlasting good weather,
let the wordsmiths conjure,
what the weathermen measure,
so that the king’s reign may endure.

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~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 3, 2012.

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