The King Orders: Factual Weather Forecasting


the king of the river demanded the facts of the weather,

maybe’s not allowed, maybe’s not sophisticated,

just pronounce if the rains will shower two days farther,

just announce if the sun will shine two days farther,

maybe’s not tolerated, maybe’s castigated,

the king of the river can’t deal with complexities of the weather.


No use telling the king of the river overflowing,

our official weather forecasting,

not facts of events  happening,

but predictions of events anticipating,

not eventualities but probabilities,

constant modeling not fixed realities,

standard deviating not solid averaging,

with errors of confidence-building.


was the king of the river demanding,

100 per cent accuracy in forecasting,

will no one face the king imploring,

nature’s way remains mystifying,

gods of  unpredictable weather laughing,

over the folly of the king’s ordering,

easier to go weather forecasting blaming,

instead of looking at one’s own blundering,

time now to stop historical blaming,

move now to simple business of doing.

Additional Reading;

Climatex: The Climate Experiment: Predicting Weather in the Philippines (

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Adaptation is in our Hands (


~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 9, 2012.

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