All Is Quiet: Saints Day & All Soul’s Day 2012 – Most Holy Trinity Parish

Today, only a few will come to visit their dead,

here in Sampaloc’s former sacred burial ground

on the hills of Balic-Balic, on the edge of Manila.

My bosom welcomed the first burial in 1890,

my funerary chapel echoed lamentations in 1891,

since then I’ve buried more than twenty thousand,

till the Americans came and decided to close me down,

slowly but surely my own death came in 1925.

Weep not for me, for soon I was reborn,

resurrected to serve the living instead of the dead,

the first baptisms in 1925

Parroquia de Balic-Balic in 1926,

Praise to the Santisima Trinidad since then.

Today, this day of the saints,

Tomorrow, the day of the souls,

In one corner of the church,

375 modern niches wait for their visitors,

One wonders how many unknown remains

Still lie buried under this former sacred burial ground.

May they rest in peace.

~ by Martin Gaerlan on November 1, 2012.

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