2012-2013, year of faith, year of doubt

declared the year of faith, started as a year of doubt,

hidden face of the divine three as one,

father knows best they say, thrown into the abyss,

son’s loving embrace,  beyond one’s grasp,

spirit’s liberating presence, out of fire.

started as a year of doubt, declared as year of faith,

faith no decree can save, oh man of little faith,

where is your beloved divine three as one?

thrown out of the tower without a soul, 

where is the power of faith now?

secluded inside ancestral archives,

solitary soul sustained by inner circles of love,

gifts of time for a soul in waiting.

waiting for the year of faith,

no, waiting for the days of faith,

maybe, even just seconds of faith,

one second all that one needs,

for the power of these three are one,

glorious resurrection, burst of blessings,

a second of faith, no corporate power can destroy,

a second of faith, no denying the soul’s return.

in the year of faith,

one father,

one son,

one spirit,

one divine three.

one second,

one soul,

one church.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on December 25, 2012.

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