Illustrious Resident of Manga Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Two days before the May 13, 2013 elections, I happen to pass by the house where a former president of the Philippines transferred his residence last May 9, 2012 in order to qualify to join the election contest for mayor of the City of Manila. Andrew Jonathan S. Bagaoisan, noted that “…the quiet in Manga Avenue may soon change with the transfer of its newest and likely most illustrious resident.”  Well, almost a year later since ex-President Estrada transferred, peace and quiet seem to reign in the front of the green gate marked by an orange colored “589” address with only one man, in orange t-shirt, squatting in front of Estrada’s residence. But only just. In fact, the quiet in Manga Avenue did change to the extent that I wonder if we should change the name of Manga Avenue to Manga Street given the loss of the wide open avenue that existed before this “illustrious resident” transferred to the place (last bottom photo shows Google Earth aerial view of Manga Avenue circa August 2012).

manga 7 5-11-2013 4-31-01 AM

manga 1 5-11-2013 4-27-12 AM

manga 2 5-11-2013 4-28-12 AMmanga 4 5-11-2013 4-29-03 AM

manga 5 5-11-2013 4-29-19 AM

manga 6 5-11-2013 4-30-10 AM

manga goo


Erap’s Big Move, May 17, 2012 (


~ by Martin Gaerlan on May 11, 2013.

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