Soon to Be Published: On Sacred Ground: The Franciscan Backstory of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila 1613-2013

On Sacred Ground front cover3

Soon to be published: The first book of a two book history of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila. The first book, On Sacred Ground, revolves around the story of Fr. Ramon Caviedas OFM who built Cementerio Balic-Balic  and where today stands the church and school of the Most Holy Trinity Parish. The story covers the Franciscan Congregation’s arrival in the Philippines until 1918 when Fr. Ramon died.

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Book Dimensions:  8 x 11 in. landscape, softbound, 173 pages, 125 B/W illustrations).

TABLE OF CONTENTS (subject to change)

Introduction – Three Anniversaries
Requiem on a Hill
1925 Silence Broken
1882 An Unexpected Beginning
1877 Men in Brown
1613 Health Spot
1621 Temporary Visitors
1639 Chinese Rebellion
1636 Hunger
1736 Printing Press
1783 The Twin Churches
1872 Cavite Mutiny
1889 When the Earth Trembled
1630 Tears of St. Francis
1881 Rebuild a Church
1882 Flowing Waters and Tears
1882 October Storm
1848 Cemetery Divide
1857 Old Sampaloc Cemetery
1884 Petition For A Burial Ground
1884 Location, Location, Location
1886 Promenade de Sampaloc
Streets of Sampaloc
1890 Bury My Heart in Balic-Balic
1896 Collision At the Edge
1899 Battle of Balic-Balic
1901 When the Edge Moved
Born of Peace, War’s Orphans
1902 Filthy Clean
1913 Requiem for Spanish Manila’s Cemeteries
1918 A Franciscan’s Resting Place
Proposed Historical Marker 122
Epilogue 123
Endnotes 127
Appendices 142
Bibliography 165
About the Author 173


~ by Martin Gaerlan on June 30, 2014.

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