My Story of Bataan Days (August 25, 1941 to April 16, 1942): An Unpublished Memoir of a Military Doctor’s Miraculous Escape from the Death March

Title Page and Front Cover Inner with handwritten quote of Battling Bastards of Bataan

Title Page and Front Cover Inner with handwritten quote of Battling Bastards of Bataan

For the Manila Studies Association 2015 Annual Conference (scheduled this August 27-28 2015), the curator of Museo Santisima Trinidad will present a paper about the unpublished memoir of 1st Lt. Gregorio L. Reyes, MC, Executive Officer, Collecting “A” Company, 51st Medical Battalion, USAFFE. The list below contains names of individuals mentioned in the memoir. Any information about the people listed from relatives or friends will be deeply appreciated. Please contact

51st. Medical Battalion (Sept 1, 1941 to Dec 7, 1941)

  1. Major Ricardo Madamba, MC, Commanding Officer, from Ilocos Sur
  2. Jose Bellen, MC, Executive Officer, from Tobaco, Albay
  3. Macasaet, adjutant (reported MIA)
  4. Arciaga, BN Supply Officer (reported MIA)
  5. Guitierrez, Division Dental Surgeon (reported MIA)
  6. 1st. Lt Mariano Clemente, MC, Commanding Officer, ”A” Collecting Company, from Mauban, Quezon
  7. 1st. Lt. Gregorio L. Reyes, MC, Executive Officer, ”A” Collecting Company, from Tondo, Manila
  8. 1st Pedro F. Soliman, MC, Officer in charge, Ambulance Platoon, from Pampanga, after the war, Colonel and Chief Surgeon, Philippine Army, Fort Bonifacio, retired December, 1967
  9. 1st. Lt. Felix Macalino, MC, officer in charge, Litter Bearers Platoon, from Macabebe Pampanga (inactive status after war)

51th Infantry Regiment (Dec 8, 1941-

41st. Medical Battalion,

  1. Col. Hospicio L. Solidum, MC, Commanding Office.
  2. Miguel S. Flores, MC (later Chief of Operations, Office of the Surgeon General, AFP, Camp Murphy/Aguinaldo, promoted full Colonel, retired after 30 years, died November, 10, 1988, age of 83).
  3. Pio Villaraza, MC, Regimental Surgeon, 51st Division, classmate at U.P. Medical School.
  4. Jose C. Fernandez, MC (became compadre after the war).
  5. Felix Jamilano, MC
  6. Mariano Tañada, MC, Collecting Company B, 51st Medical Battalion


  1. 1st Cesar Basa
  2. Luis Ramos, Adjutant General (uncle-in-law)
  3. Antonio Martinez, Assistant Adjutant General.
  4. 1st Carlos Ramos, Infantry (son of Col. Ramos)
  5. Emmanuel Baja, Judge Advocate General,
  6. Benito Soliven, Asst. JAG
  7. Alfredo Martires, aide-de-camp of Col Luis Ramos
  8. Basilio Hernandez, mess officer
  9. Miguel Aguilar FS, Chief of Finance
  10. Sison, PA Inspector General
  11. Ananias Rosal FS
  12. 2nd Ramon Pamintuan
  13. 2nd Rafael Estrada
  14. 2nd Ernesto Escaler
  15. Jose Sunga, Camp Medical Officer
  16. Francisco Katigbak, MC, Ward Officer
  17. Victoriano Luna, Chief of Medical Service,
  18. UNNAMED, Supply Officer, 31st Medical Battalion
  19. Guiterrez, USAFFE officer chaplain, executed by Japanese

April 6, 1942 (attached to the 31st Medical Battalion)

  1. Col. Gabriel Castillo, MC, commanding officer, 31st Medical Battalion (Bataan prisoner of war camp internee)
  2. Asterio Belmonte, MC, clearing company officer (later Adjutant of VLGH, later CO of VLGH, died June 6, 1972, cardiac tamponade)
  3. Major Domingo Alarcon,MC, Executive Officer, 31st Medical Battalion (died Oct 17, 1988, age 81).

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