Look Who’s Coming to G.Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila

kfc g tuazon

What is wrong with this picture? Almost across a famous local brand (starts with the letter J), a famous global brand (starts with the letter K) announces their coming to a not so famous street (starts with the letter G) of Sampaloc, Manila. For the hungry historian, what was the former name of this G. street? What does the G. stand for? And as Dr. Benito J. Legarda, Jr., would probably say with exasperation…there’s something wrong with this picture. Guess?


~ by Martin Gaerlan on October 29, 2015.

4 Responses to “Look Who’s Coming to G.Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila”

  1. “G” stands for Gregorio, an ethnic Chinese. Gregorio Tuazon (or Gregorio TuaSon) Street is the new name of Calle de Balic-Balic and it’s interesting to note that “Balic-Balic” has since been used as a moniker for several Sampaloc-based barangays that face the direction of Quezon City’s Santol district.

    • Gerald, thank you for your comment. Dr. Benito Legarda thinks that the G. is not Gregorio but Gonzalo. But you are correct with the spelling (Tuason) – which is the error .

      • Is that so? Then I thank you for providing the correct information. About this KFC outlet that will soon open in the area, I bet it will occupy that property that was once leased by Shell Petrol Station. In a way, its arrival in this part of Sampaloc is long overdue and the folks don’t have to travel to KFC Padre Campa-Espana Branch or KFC Mabuhay Branch for some great tasting fried chicken.

  2. i think it’s GERARDO Tuazon…… http://theurbanhistorian.tumblr.com/post/5897296696/stories-behind-the-street-names-of-sampaloc-part-1

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