Face of Peace & War: A Doctor’s Story of Bataan Days & Before (1936-1942) – Book Launching, August 31, 2016

front cover aug 27

An intimate portrait of a Philippine Commonwealth medical doctor’s life as a medical intern in Davao, a public health official in Camarines Sur (Lagonoy, San Jose, and Naga) and as a military doctor in Bataan. The author is the son-in-law of then 1st Lt. Gregorio L. Reyes MC, who left behind a two notebook memoir about his Bataan escape. In addition, the author referenced about 280 letters of his parent-in-laws chronicling their times of separation as sweethearts and as a young married couple.

Book launching scheduled on the second day of the 2016 Manila Studies Annual Conference on August 31, 2016, NCCA, Intramuros, Manila.

Book Details, ISBN 978-971-95603-2-6, Softcover, B/W text, 267++pages, more than 233 photographs. Limited edition printed. Estimated cost = 650 pesos.


~ by Martin Gaerlan on August 27, 2016.

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