About Museo de Santisima Trinidad (An Online Museum)

NOTE: The plan to establish a “brick & mortar:” museum for the MHTP remains a dream.                                                                                      In the meantime, this online museum continues to serve as an alternative place.

In celebration of the 75th Patronal Feast of the Most Holy Trinity Parish (1932-2007). Parroquia de Balic-balic, erected 1925.

A glimpse of an ongoing historical project to preserve the Trinitarian journey of a parish on the hills of Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila.

Starting a dream to build a permanent

and integrated Parish Museum, Archives, & Library.

But otherwise,

just a simple step to make sense

of that which one’s soul seeks (and sometimes, hides from)…


13 Responses to “About Museo de Santisima Trinidad (An Online Museum)”

  1. I am a social scientist interested in local Manila history since I got hooked on Nick Joaquin’s works on the subject. I would appreciate very much some information on one of Balic-Balic’s most prominent matriarchs — Mrs. Soledad M. Enriquez (aka Lola Choleng)as well as that of her family down to the third generation. Thank you kindly.

  2. could you be so kind to tell us the history of this church thank you

  3. Jaylen,

    This website provides a glimpse of the Most Holy Trinity Parish of Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila using the style of a blog (that is, small little stories published in installments. The right side of this website will show you the ARCHIVES starting from July 2006 (the first entries of the blog). YOu can click on the month and start reading the entries. Alternatively, you could choose CATEGORIES, and then look at the particular topic that interests you.

    If you have a particular question about the history of the parish, please feel free to send an email to:


    By 2007, we expect to publish a complete book about the history of the church of the Holy Trinity.

  4. I am an alumni of Holy Trinity Academy batch77. I am wondering how I can organized an alumni homecoming. I leave in Australia and willing to travel back to the Philippines just to have aglimpse of my past-Joey Santos jotesco@netspce.anet.au

  5. HTA Grand Alumnai Homecoming will be June 26, 2007. Visit HTA website at:


  6. where is it located, is it in the church compound or the legarda’s?

  7. The museo de la Santisima Trinidad is planned to be located inside the church and not at the Legarda residence. The old convento, former Adoration chapel, and now, the office of the parish pastoral workers, will be the site of the parish museum.

  8. 🙂

  9. To Alan – Hello! My uncle says that he knows Soledad “Aling Choleng” Enriquez, who he says was a prominent community leader in Balic-Balic in her heyday, a defender of the poor, and yes, an established matriarch in the area. Hope this helps.

  10. can u please provide a history of holy trinity church…

  11. The history of the church is for my facebook page…Mga Simbahan Sa Pilipinas…since im living in malolos and featured the santisima trinidad chapel…i also feature the holy trinity parish in balic-balic…aside from photos i want to share to the follower of the page the origin of the church and detail some important historical event…so pls…can you provide me the story behind the holy trinity church…

    if you have time…like the page on facebook….


  12. Mrs Soledad Enriquez passed away first week of August 2013 at the age of 102.

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